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A Better Sprint Burndown Chart For More Accurate Sprint Planning

In Scrum, A Sprint Burndown Chart demonstrates the real picture of the Sprint progress and what amount of estimated work to be done in a sprint. The Sprint Daily Stand-up and Burndown chart help out Scrum teams to make it a Self-Organization team.

The Burndown chart is one of the greatest visual indicators I have seen which shows the actual progress of the project in the Sprint.  It actually broadcast the Sprint progress to all stakeholders from the beginning of the Sprint. The team members will come to know about how much work is completed till date & can get exact idea about can team able to work done on time or not.

Before starting Sprint along with product owner all team members meet together in Sprint planning meeting. In the Product backlog all list of tasks identified & prioritized by the Product owner in terms of the user stories, during sprint planning meeting the team picks the user stories and break down in to Tasks & sub-tasks with the help of relative sizing/different estimation techniques.

The estimate may be accurate or swag estimates, the team start working with these estimate. Teams need to update the tasks with time remaining in hours to get this Sprint burndown chart scrum. Scrum master analyze the remaining time & Sprint burndown chart updated before Daily Stand-up meeting.

Scrum Sprint Burndown Chart

Scrum Sprint Burndown Chart

This chart is a great example to get visual indicator to team & scrum master about how Team is doing & actual progress. If the chart is not going towards the end point then some actions to be taken to accomplish the Sprint goal,

  • Address the bottlenecks if any to complete the task.
  • Analyze the impediments & get resolve the problems facing the team
  • Proper use of experience team members who are already worked with similar task to stories.
  • Exchange the tasks or reallocate the task if needed
  • If any feature is dependent on other module & it won’t be completed in the current Sprint then de-scope by talking to Product Owner. (It should be last step, because team should explore all possibilities to adhere to sprint goals and commitment)

You can get Free Download Sprint burndown chart template in excel format here: Sprint burndown chart template

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