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Are You Prepared: Interview Preparation Checklist

In previous article we cover most commonly question asked in the interview: today we will discuss on next interview topic.

When you want to start your Software Testing carrier, you have to face the interview to get a job. Even if you get a interview call then question in your mind is what would be the next step? Yes, you are right next step would be the preparation of your interview. In this article we are going to talk about major points that are very essential to keep in your mind before you are going to attempt a job interview. In this article we are ensuring that end of this article we will have the check-list for your job interview and what all required for preparation of job interview.

  1. Preparation and Re-read you resume: The resume speaks more with the interviewer than you. To getting a Software testing job, you should prepare a good resume which will present your candidature more strongly in front of interviewer. If you are not aware of the content added in your resume then chances of clearing interview is less. So do read it each and every point again and again and keep in your mind each and every point mentioned in your resume.
  2. Prepare questions to asked or questions to be asked: There are two segments here, first one is that those questions you need to ask interviewer, definitely you must having questions in your mind like what kind of designation your are looking for, what kind of skill set and experience your want. Second one is the questions that interviewer is going to ask you in the interview. So make a separate list for such questions, answer and do preparation accordingly.
  3. Dress to Impress: There is one phrase “First Impression Is Last Impression.”, you definitely have to dress yourself well. Make sure that you need a good formal dress, it should be prepared well organized one day in advance.Interview Preparation Checklist
  4. Deal with Stress: While preparing interview irrespective of first, second or third the stress is always there and if the stress is going to be high then all preparation you did will not going to work. So dealing with initially is very important to get success in the interview. One of my friend use some tricks when he feels stressed. He used to listen music or take a walk for a few moment. So you should understand “Stress”, find out your own way to deal with stress.
  5. Read Employer Literature: You are going to get a job in a company, so it’s actually very important that you should have the enough and sufficient information about the organization, what they are, what they want from you and which sector they belongs to. It will definitely help you in the interview when you ask few questions to interviewer in the interview. You should mildly go through the organization details.
  6. Get There Early: If your interview is scheduled tomorrow then don’t residing all the questions and its answer regarding your job interview till the last moment. You should use ambien, relax your self, take a early sleep. It has been proved that when we are fully awake then we perform best in the whole day. Reach interview location well advance and have their phone number and interview email printout handy so you can let them know just in case you’re delayed.

So do keep all above points in your mind and check it before you are going for interview. If you preparing in this manner then I assure you that you will rock the interview.

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  • Sunidhi

    I really thank you to owner of site as refering this site I cracked interview and I received offer letter from one of the leading company in software testing industry.

    Thanks one again from bottom of my heart.

  • Shridhar

    Really nice information and help me in my interview preparation. Thanks

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