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Basic Checklist for Testing

In previous tutorial article series we have seen about “Mobile Testing“. In today’s article we are going to cover the Testing Checklist that you should go through once before start testing your project.

During SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) while software is in testing phase, it is advised to make a list of all the required documents and tasks to avoid last minute hassle. This way tester will not miss any important step and will keep a check on quality too. If tester doesn’t make any checklist or forgets to include any task in it then it is possible that he may miss some of the important defects.

Testing Checklist is divided into number of categories which are listed as follows:

Testing Checklist

1) Resource Assignment and Training

  • To make sure that testing project has sufficient budget allocated at project level.
  • We have sufficient staffing or human resources allocated for testing project.
  • Analyze skills and competencies of test team to make sure whether they are competent enough or required more grooming to meet required skill set.
  • All required testing tools are installed at workstation with appropriate software licence.
  • All resources are well trained on required testing tools and project business.
  • Required responsibilities are assigned to team member and respective leads.
  • All required sign off are procured from senior management for staffing and training.

2) Software Testing Documentation

  • Make sure that all the functional documents and design documents are completed before testing team can start writing test cases.
  • Test plan is created covering all the required test cases.
  • Test cases are created covering all the required business use cases.
  • Review of test cases and test plan following maker and checker policy.
  • Setting up of Bug reporting portal to log the defects.
  • Creation of tractability matrix with the functional team to make sure functions are mapped to test cases.
  • Make sure, project weekly status report format is well defined.
  • Sign off or approval from QA manager to execute the test cases.

3) Software Testing Checklist

  • Regression suite is executed successfully when testing with new test phase or new project release.
  • Make sure each tester is filling the time sheet and logging defect in defect portal on daily basis.
  • Keeping a check on total test cases executed on daily basis and hence project work progress.
  • Test weekly status reports is circulated on weekly basis with correct format and to required recipients.
  • Open bugs are addressed timely by development team, requirement gathering team and senior management.
  • Make sure, there are no roadblocks in testing area related to technologies, management and client behavior.
  • Make sure before declaring the testing status as complete or providing testing sign off, all major or minor open bugs or defects are either closed or deferred for future release.
  • Make sure all system compatibility checks are done, e.g. an application working on IE explorer should also work on chrome, Mozilla, etc.

4) Compliance’s

  • Review of test plan to make sure project complies with the required design methods.
  • Evaluation of project goal statement with the business use cases.
  • Project should comply with all required legal compliance’s.
  • Identify the priorities items in the project which are necessary for organization compliance’s and execute those items.
  • Examine project plan for strategic compliance with objective of business organization.
  • Verify that project deliverable are in compliance with the client requirements.
  • Evaluate project capabilities meets the desired outcome to accomplish predefined project goal.
  • All necessary project compliance sign offs are procured from senior management.

5) Measurability and Monitoring

  • Evaluation of project activities and processes that are well measurable to set the desired level of performance.
  • Verification of System process measures for reliability and accuracy.
  • Requesting the client to assign accessibility of project system to project team for review.
  • Scheduling check point call, test phase completion call and daily scrum call to monitor the progress of test project.
  • Make sure test project deliverable has predefined acceptance criteria which is approved, this will help to measure project deliverable.
  • Make sure, proper escalation contact details are well communicated to client and project team members.

6) Project Flexibility

  • Make sure that project is flexible and has ability to make desired amendments timely.
  • Evaluate project has risk mitigation plan after analyzing all the possible project risk factors.
  • Make sure project control system is reliable and effective.
  • Make sure that project has contingency plan to address exception and unforeseen events.
  • Be confident that project goal completely address problems defined by the business use cases.
  • Creation of self-regulatory feedback loop for project to make sure every problem is reported related to test project work.

These are some of the main terms should be included in the Testing Checklist, however every organization has different software and application Testing Checklist may vary. It is always a good practice to make a checklist so that testing can be done in a proper way and no important point should be missed.

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Happy Testing!!!

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