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Complete Guide on XPath in Selenium

In this chapter, we are going to discuss the XPath and various XPath expressions that are capable of locating complex and dynamic web elements on the web page.

Dynamic web elements are elements on the web page whose attributes get changed dynamically when refreshed or on dynamic operations. As we know that in Selenium WebDriver, if we cannot find the web elements with the help of usual locators such as id, class, name, etc. then we use XPath to find

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How To Access Links & Tables Using Selenium Webdriver?

We received many request to post articles on Selenium WebDriver and automation framework, so we resumed our Selenium automation testing tutorials from basic to advanced.   In this tutorial, we are going to learn about accessing HTML hyperlinks and tables using Selenium WebDriver API.

Accessing Links using Selenium Webdriver:

Hyperlink on a web page has text. Using the text content of the link and based on partial or exact match, the Webdriver API can access that link.

Exact Match:


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Hands-on Review: Katalon Studio – Another Free Solution For Automation Testing


Katalon Studio is a powerful automation tool set for web and mobile app testing. It is a free yet feature-packed solution that can be applied to overcome common challenges such as wait-time, pop-up and iframe in web UI test automation.

Katalon Studio brings more intelligence to the entire test automation process; testers can now test better, test faster and launch high quality software through this user-friendly, versatile solution.

Key features of Katalon Studio:

1) Hassle-free deployment: All requisite

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Should Test Automation Be Done By Separate Dedicated Team?

This question is a big challenge for most of the projects who work in Agile environment. When you have a time boxed approach and have to meet deadline without compromising on the quality, it is very important to manage the time properly using Test Automation. Let’s find out the answer to this question in this article by analyzing every aspect of the project and balancing them to make a decision.

Let’s discuss when it is the best practice to have

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Top Six Reasons Why I Like Selenium!!

Several months ago I started working on a new test automation project for a web site and one of the first things to do was to evaluate and choose a tool for the task. The two main contenders were Selenium and IBM Rational Functional Tester. I chose Selenium and since then never got to regret this choice. Here are some of the main reasons I like this open source tool much better than the expensive commercial alternatives for web automation.

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Automated vs Manual Testing: Make An Informed Decision

Whether you want the manual testing or the automation for your application, it depends on many factors. To make the right decision, right information is needed. They both have their own importance and place in the world of testing. In this article, I am going to list down all the factors which will help you to make a firm decision. We cannot underestimate the power, time saving capability, and accuracy of the automation tools and we cannot deny the creativity

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