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Soft Skills To Become A Better Software Tester!!

Any software tester in the software industry requires two kinds of key skills. They are the technical skills and the soft skills. Being a tester without any technical or required testing skills has no place in the software industry and similarly without possessing the soft skills one cannot grow in the software industry. The technical skills are important to perform basic testing and other related tasks at work. However, the soft skills are equally important as it applies to the

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Is Early End To End Testing A Better Approach?

Introduction to End-to-End Testing

When I started my career as a software tester, we were following V – model which is an enhancement of the waterfall model. It was introduced due to several reasons. In this article, we are going to analyse if early end-to-end testing is a better approach or not.

Early end-to-end testing has some dependencies and advantages. Let’s discuss them by one by one in detail.

End to End Testing Dependencies: Well documented business process: When we

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How To Choose The Right Way Of Testing?

As a software tester, choosing the right way of testing is as important as to perform testing on the system. Right way of testing would lead us in the right direction and would yield high quality product. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the major factors on which “decision of right way to perform testing” is dependent.

I have divided these factors into two main categories:

Internal factors External factors

Let’s discuss each of them in

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How To Test Web Application? - Back To Basics!!

First of all we should know that How to test web application mean and who does it? Testing is done by Software Testers who are hired exclusively to test the web application. Testing in broader sense refers to testing of website. Now, what does Testing of website means….. During testing of Website or Web application, we see whether there is deviation from requirement or not. If there is deviation from requirement, then defect is logged or reported.

Now, it is

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Adapting To Exploratory Testing Is Not Easy For Every Tester

As testers, we all know the importance of Exploratory Testing technique. Some of us might be using it already and some of us are still into the traditional testing methods of writing testing scripts. Let me give a brief introduction to this testing technique and then I will explain why adapting to exploratory testing (ET) is not easy for every tester and why some testers swear by it.

As the name says, exploratory testing is used to “explore” the software

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Is Quality A Shared Responsibility - What Do You Think!!

Isn’t it true? When we decide to buy software, the very first thing that comes in our mind is quality. Without high quality, any software is a piece of junk for which nobody wants to pay. Now the question arise, are testers only responsible for quality? I would rather say that quality is a shared responsibility among testers, developers and other team members in an organization.

There are so many testing methodologies developing in the current market. Some are time

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