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ETL Testing / Data Warehousing Testing

In previous article we learned about “What Is Difference Between SDET And TESTER?” In today’s class we are going to cover What is importance of ETL testing and Data Warehousing, importance, testing classifications, testing procedures etc.

Introduction on ETL Testing:

ETL stands for Extraction, Transformation and Loading of data. In data warehousing, data from multiple data sources is extracted, transformed (as per the business logic and data definition of target database) and loaded into cohesive database. Data warehouse efficiently handles

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What is database and why do we need them?

Welcome to next post related to Database. Everyone know about the database, it is used to store the data. However the data can be stored in the excel file or in flat files.

Have you think about “What is actually meaning of database and why do we need them?”

If you want to understand database then don’t start with the features of database first, rather you should go with other way round. Database are used to solve few problems. Now

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SQL Functions

In previous articles we have seen about different SQL commands to get store and retrieve the data from database. We have also learned about how to manipulate the data before saving or getting the data. The SQL supports number of useful functions and in this article we concentrating on those SQL functions with detailed description with Sql function examples & how to write function in sql.


What are Functions?

The SQL Functions are different built in special type of

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What is the SQL Group by Clause?

The SQL GROUP BY clause is used to group the result set based on common value present in the result set. The grouping of result set is done after all records are retrieved from tables. The GROUP BY clause can be used with the conjunction of SELECT query to make a group of rows based on the values of a specific column or expression. The SQL AGGREGATE function can be used to get

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In previous article we have learned about SQL JOINS. In this section of Software Testing Class we are concentrating on “SQL UNION”. In this post we are covering what is SQL UNION, examples of UNION, why use SQL UNION & difference between SQL JOIN and UNION.


What is a SQL UNION?

The SQL UNION operator allows you to combine the result of two or more SQL SELECT queries.

The only requirement to work SQL UNION query is both the

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The JOIN is very much misunderstood term for beginners while learning the SQL commands. In the interview at least one question is ask about the SQL JOIN’s. So in this article I am trying to simplify the things for new SQL learners & make it easy to understand the SQL JOIN’s. At the end of this post you should in a position to write your SQL JOIN query independently. So first start from the basics of JOIN’s.


What is

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