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Top 15 Bug Tracking Software To Simplify Your Defect Management Process


The job of testing team is to find defects or bugs in the software application under test. There is a need to record these bugs in a spreadsheet and report them to the developer to get it fixed. In a big project where the head count of testers and developers in a team are quite high and keep on increasing or decreasing periodically, there is a need to keep the track of identified bugs, defects, issues, flaws, error etc.

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Bug Triage Meeting Process

In this tutorial you will learn What is Bug Triage meeting process, What should be involved while triaging a bug, Bug triage meeting roles & responsibilities and What is exit criteria of Bug Triage meeting to understand the concept clearly.

The “Triage” is French medical term comes from verb Trier. The sense of this term is to separate, sort and select. In medical and pharmacy it is used to describe the priority of patient base on severity of condition. The

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Tips and Tricks - How to reproduce the bug if it is hard to reproduce?

Many time I observed that testers are talking about that bugs was “Not Reproducible” and I am not able to find the exact steps. Generally if the defect is unable to reproduce then they are making them into “Not Reproducible” category. However as a tester I am intentionally calling this as “Hard to Reproduce” because I believe each bug is reproducible in specific situation, it just matter of finding the exact steps to reproduce.

In testers carrier almost every tester

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10 Tips of Writing Efficient Defect Report

In Software Testing, the defect plays an important role, you can say Software & Defects both are the two side of the coin. If the software development is in progress & client ask few changes in the requirement, so while making the changes some defects will get introduced in the code.

The defect in the code is similar like a discount offer while you purchasing some product. However there is one difference is that take discount offer is depends on

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Top 10 Common Problems in Bug Tracking and Solutions

Tracking of Bug is the most important part in Software development life cycle. In recent article we have seen about “What should be done after a bug is found?”. But common few problems may possibly lead towards the improper Bug Tracking.

Let discuss what top 10 common problems faced by the team members while keeping the transparency in the reported bug:

1) Improper bug logging process: Basic rule in bug reporting is bug should properly described & it should be

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What is difference between Priority and Severity?

In the market various Software management/bug tracking system are available. These powerful tools allow you to enter the important information of bug which helps to convey the exact steps of the bug & which provide the complete information to team. So developer can get an exact idea of its ‘Severity’. In the Bug Tracking the terms “Priority” and “Severity” are used to share the importance of a bug among the team and to fix it accordingly.

Priority means how fast

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