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Acceptance Criteria vs Acceptance Tests

Acceptance Criteria and acceptance tests are often used by the organizations that practice the agile methodology like XP, Scrum, etc. These terms are often used in BDD (i.e. Behavior Driven Development). Both of these terms look confusing but are different from each other in the following way. The Acceptance Criteria is handful of documents which are prepared to make sure that the testing team has the enough acceptance tests in place. However, the acceptance tests on the other hand demands

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What Is The Difference Between Scrum, Kanban And XP?

In this article, we are going to discuss about the three most popular agile project methodologies. They are Scrum, Kanban and XP. Later in this article, we will compare and outline the differences between these three.

SCRUM: Scrum breaks down the big organization into small teams which are capable of self-organization. These self-organizing teams further break the tasks into small and manageable items of work. These small manageable items (collection of tasks) are handled in time-boxed iterations know as sprints.

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Introduction To WebDriver And Its Comparison With Selenium RC - [Learn Selenium Basics]

In the past chapters, we learnt about “How To Enhance A Script Using Selenium IDE?” and created simple tests using it. In today’s chapter, we are going to learn about Selenium WebDriver which is an advance tool and a mechanism to create more powerful test scripts than Selenium IDE.


Selenium WebDriver:

It is web automation testing framework that assists to execute tests across various web browsers. Thus, it is more flexible and powerful framework to write web testing automation

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Difference between Use Case and Test Case

Software Testing costs almost fifty percent of the costing from Software Company. So test cases are very important issues over here. Once software development was the only attractive and demanding work in software industry, now scenario has changed. Testing has different terms and there are ways to complete it. For qualifying as a test engineer or to work in software industry it is mandatory to know them clearly. Also “Difference between Use Case and Test Case” most commonly asked interview

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Testing vs checking

In today’s article we are going to understand the simple and interesting topic difference between Testing vs Checking. Before start with actual topic guys I know many of you had question in you mind “What is testing and checking?” and why is testing and checking are important?

In this tutorial I will answer your all queries. So let’s understand each topic one by one.

What is Software Testing?

The process of evaluation of product by learning about it through exploration

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Difference Between Static Testing And Dynamic Testing

Static testing and dynamic testing are important testing methods available for developers and testers in Software Development lifecycle. These are software testing techniques which the organisation must choose carefully which to implement on the software application. In order to get the most out of each type of testing, and choose the right tools for a given situation, it’s crucial to understand the benefits and limitations of each type of testing.

What is Static Testing?

Static Testing is type of testing

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