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A Better Approach to Usability Testing

Software industry has been got good edge in the market. At the same time user also rationalized for getting the quality outcome from software industries. Hence testing activity is more important for user point of view. To overcome this problem the system usability testing is performed.

After completion of software modules, testers are ready for system testing. To accomplish system testing the first and most important is Usability testing.

Usability testing is the type of System Testing and is a

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Top 10 Cross Browser Testing Tools – Reduce Browser Compatibility Testing Effort

The Cross browser testing is important accepts in terms of end users point of view. Web application can be use over the World Wide Web & multiple users having their own web browsers.

Testing application in multiple browsers is most pain in testing for developer while developing web pages. Also few browsers are not supports the multiple versions installed at a time. After installing new version of browser it replaces with older versions. It means once you installed IE9 then

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