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Netsparker Web Application Security Scanner

E-commerce Testing: It Can Be Make Or Break

E-commerce has made our lives so easy by providing a medium to shop at our own comfort and convenience. We can order almost everything by sitting in front of our computers avoiding huge lineups and travel tiredness. As a tester, it can be quite challenging to test E-commerce website since there are so many general scenarios to test but the priority would always be “excellent user experience”. No doubt, exploratory testing plays a major role here.

I remember once, I

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Creating and Working on Sub-tasks in JIRA- Tutorial 9

Using JIRA as a project tracking tool, it is possible to breakdown a parent task into number of smaller sub-tasks. Sub-tasks can be assigned to the individual team member, so that his effort and the sub-task progress can be tracked separately. Similarly the other team members which are working on other sub-tasks of the same issue together makes the overall tracking of parent issue very smooth and it provides a better picture on its progress. Using such approach it is

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Creating, Configuring And Using A Board In Jira

In this tutorial, we are going to learn about creating, using and configuring a board in JIRA Agile. Boards are needed to view and work on the issues very smoothly with ease. A Board in JIRA can display issues from one or more projects. In JIRA, you can create a new board for yourself or use a board that has been created by someone else. JIRA Agile has two types of boards known as Scrum board and Kanban board.


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