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Uses of Processor in JMeter – JMeter Tutorials Series Day 9

Processor in JMeter is helpful in modifying the Samplers as per their choice. In JMeter Processors are of two type,

Pre-processor Post-processor Pre-processor:

Pre-processor performs some task before building Sampler Request. Suppose, somebody wanted that JMeter to “spider” through website under test, parse link which find out all links on the page and return the HTML. Before creating an HTTP request, you have to add action “HTML link parser” to your controller.




Post-processor performs some task

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Uses of Controllers in JMeter - JMeter Tutorials Series Day 8

In previous Day 7 article from JMeter Tutorials Series we have seen different Assertions used in JMeter. Today we are concentrating on list of supported Controllers in JMeter.

JMeter in-built function controller is basically a Logic Controller provides control on “when & how” to send a user request to a web server under test. Logic Controller having command of the order of the request sends to the server.

Logic Controllers

Logic Controllers facilitates users

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Assertions in JMeter - JMeter Tutorials Series Day 7

In previous article we have seen What all types of Timers supported in JMeter & what is meaning of each timer? However if you adding timer for reason where expected to load some value with the specified time & specified value is getting properly as per mentioned time then timer will work for your test cases. But sometimes due some reason the expected value is not received with specified time frame then your test cases execution will fail. Under such

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Timers in JMeter - JMeter Tutorials Series Day 6

By default, JMeter sends request without stopping anywhere between each request.

Generally, user spends lots of time while browsing i.e. before submitting confidential form or reading important document. So, it is a good practice to involve some delay between requests. Here, at very short period of times, JMeter can overwhelm your test server by creating various requests. For example: To test web server, send thousands requests in few seconds and face overload issue.

Using Timers,JMeter delays each request while sending

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How to do Performance Testing using JMeter? - JMeter Tutorials Series Day 5

The focus of Performance testing is checking a software program’s mainly focus on it’s Speed, Scalability and Stability. The features & functionality supported by software is not only the concerns for the performance testing. The goal of performance testing is not only the finding bugs in the code but also the find out the bottlenecks & eliminate them.

In terms of software testing process, performance testing is a general testing process works on the particular work loaded application, web application

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Recording using HTTP Proxy Server in JMeter - Performance Testing Tools

In previous article we have cover Introduction of JMeter & its supported features. Along with that we also covered “How to do download & install JMeter on windows” in earlier posts. Now most of the performance testers are thinking of what next after installation of JMeter, how we should start creating our first step?

In today’s article we will see how to record your first JMeter Test Plan using JMeter HTTP Proxy Server, How to do Firefox browser settings for

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