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Automated vs Manual Testing: Make An Informed Decision

Whether you want the manual testing or the automation for your application, it depends on many factors. To make the right decision, right information is needed. They both have their own importance and place in the world of testing. In this article, I am going to list down all the factors which will help you to make a firm decision. We cannot underestimate the power, time saving capability, and accuracy of the automation tools and we cannot deny the creativity

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What Proportion Of Regression Testing Involves Manual Testing?

What is Manual Testing?

Manual Testing is software testing conducted manually to test the software for it correctness, completeness and quality. Manual Testing does not use any automation tools, scripts for testing. Manual Testing is conducted even before automation testing to check the feasibility of automation on the software. The manual tester has a very vital role in Manual Testing. He performs the testing taking in view the end user. To maintain the comprehensiveness of testing, a testing plan is

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Is Domain Knowledge An Important Aspect In Manual Testing?

When you want to “Check”, no domain knowledge is needed but when you want to “Test”, domain knowledge is very important. Confused? Let me explain this in detail. Let’s take an example to understand how domain knowledge is important for testers. Say, you have written few automation scripts which “check” for some UI or basic functionality. To run them, your computer software doesn’t need any domain knowledge, it is just checking that whatever is written in that auto test should

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Challenges in Manual and Automation Testing

Software testing has many challenges whether it is Manual or Automation and every tester would have experienced at least one of the below challenges or may be all of them. Those who want to come into software testing field and those who think that software testing is an easy field to work in, must read this article to know the reality faced by a tester while struggling to get his software better.

Tester is a mid-man between developer and client.

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Automation Testing Vs Manual Testing

Testing of software can be done in both Automation and Manual testing method, but it’s totally depends on the project requirement, budget associated with the project, and which testing method will be benefited to the project. This article provides basic information about Manual Testing and Automation Testing, enjoy reading it and let us know in the comment about which one is best for your project.


Automation Testing:

The method takes automation tool support to execute the test cases is

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Difference between Verification and Validation

In few days back we have seen article about “V-Model”. In the V Model Software Development Life Cycle, based on requirement specification document the development & testing activity is started. The V-model is also called as Verification and Validation model. The testing activity is perform in the each phase of Software Testing Life Cycle. In the first half of the model validations testing activity is integrated in each phase like review user requirements, System Design document & in the next

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