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Start Testing Before Testing Starts

Testing is very important in Software Development Life cycle(SDLC). Compromise on testing means compromise on quality of software, which results in a faulty product and loss of business and money. Over the time, experts have understood the importance of testing and have improvised the SDLC models to include more emphasis on testing. Along with right amount of testing, the time of testing matters too. Testing should be introduced in the early phases of SDLC. This topic here discusses the importance

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V Model

In the basic Waterfall model process seen some disadvantages or limitations in the model which started a new SDLC model. As we seen in the Waterfall model the issues found in the end of the SDLC, this is due to the testing is occurred in the end phases of the you SDLC. To overcome this problem the V-Model is comes into the picture. It is always better to introduce testing in the early phase of SDLC, as in this model

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