Netsparker Web Application Security Scanner

How a Web Application Security Scanner can Help to Reduce Your Development Costs

A quick search on Google will reveal plenty of posts that deal specifically with the importance of scanning your web application and eliminating all vulnerabilities. An approach that strikes the appropriate balance between automated security scanning and manual testing using a skilled penetration tester is usually considered to be the best option.

Experience usually demonstrates that a combination of these two methods results in the most efficient way to find and eliminate both technical and logical vulnerabilities.

On the topic

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Source Code Audit or Automated Web Application Vulnerability Scan?

Scanning for Web Application Vulnerabilities versus Static Source Code Audits: Choosing the Most Appropriate Solution

There are quite a few terms floating around the web application security space and sometimes it can be challenging to understand exactly what a specific term means and how it might relate to similar terms.

One such example that we were asked about recently was the term “source code audit”. We thought we’d provide an overview of what exactly a source code audit is and

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The Challenges of Scaling Up Web Vulnerability Scanning

In today’s class we are talking about one of the interesting security testing topic “The Challenges of Scaling Up Web Vulnerability Scanning“.


For SMBs (Small and Mid-size Businesses) and Large Enterprises alike, one of the most challenging aspects of managing IT involves deciding how to effectively scale up web application security. Many businesses are inadvertently finding themselves in the software and application business as they attempt to meet the needs of their customers. As a result, they’re faced with

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Understand SQL Injection Better with the SQL Injection Cheat Sheet

Today we are going to learn What is SQL injection and cheat sheet to better understand of it.

On the web page when SQL is used to display data, then most of the time it allow user to enter the search criteria. The SQL queries on written in text format and easy to change in the code based on the entered search criteria by user. SQL injection is a technique used to inject malicious SQL statements to data-driven application for

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How To Do Security Testing Using SoapUI?

In previous tutorial, we learned about How to test Mock services using SoapUI. Today we are going to learn how to do security testing using SoapUI. We will be using our existing SoapUI project as “MyFirstSoapUIProject1”, to demonstrate the security test using SoapUI tool. But before we can start, let’s understand the security testing definition.

Security testing is done to unveil the flaws and security gaps present in the security mechanism of the software system that protects data and other

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3-Step Guide to Choosing A Web Application Security Scanner

Selecting and testing a web application security scanner can feel like an overwhelming process and for good reason. There is potentially a lot a stake, and the wrong decision can have far-reaching consequences.

One of the easiest solutions is to develop a framework for making your decision – a system by which you can measure and assess potential candidates before reaching a conclusion. This post will address the more common questions and concerns that frequently come up when selecting an

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