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Working with Sprints in JIRA

In agile software development methodology, the requirements and solutions for a project keep evolving with time between self-organizing and cross functional teams. The actual project development is broken down into number of iterations which development team develops and delivers as a discrete product increment like a working milestone. In this tutorial, we are going to learn about short iteration which is usually of two to four weeks in duration and known as Sprint in JIRA.

In JIRA, sprint only

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How To Work As An Agile Software Tester?

Agile Software Testing is a type of testing following agile methodology. Agile development is an incremental modal where software is developed in fast cycles of not more than 4 weeks. Each release of the application is tested very thoroughly with no compromise on quality of the software. In today’s article we are focusing on “How To Work As An Agile Software Tester?“

Agile Software Tester

Agile testing involves testing from the customer point of view and performed as early

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Software Testing Tips And Tricks For Testing Any Application

Software tester has only one dream and that is to find lots and lots of bugs but what should be kept in mind is to find bugs which can help in making any software more usable and of higher quality. Application testing is not a rocket science if tester keeps in mind some of the important points before starts testing. In this article we going to see the Software testing tips and tricks you should know before start actual testing

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A Better Sprint Burndown Chart For More Accurate Sprint Planning

In Scrum, A Sprint Burndown Chart demonstrates the real picture of the Sprint progress and what amount of estimated work to be done in a sprint. The Sprint Daily Stand-up and Burndown chart help out Scrum teams to make it a Self-Organization team.

The Burndown chart is one of the greatest visual indicators I have seen which shows the actual progress of the project in the Sprint. It actually broadcast the Sprint progress to all stakeholders from the beginning

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Being an Effective Product Owner in Scrum

There are three primary roles in the Agile project management Scrum method:

Product Owner, ScrumMaster, Team

Working in the Scrum usually the Product owner (PO) is the project’s key stakeholder. The Product Owner is the key person to successfully start any agile software development project. S/he has the overall vision of the product what business is looking for and conveys the Vision and Goals at the beginning of every Release and Sprint to Scrum team.

Basically we can say that

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70+ Comprehensive Agile Project Management Tools List

In the past decade we’ve seen thousands of companies adopting Agile Development Methodology. But transition between Traditional to Agile development is sometimes failed due to many teams fall back into old habits. Now days we can get lots of Agile Project Management Tools in the market which guide you to learn and work with Agile methodology. Choosing of tool is totally based on the project requirements & commercial (Proprietary/Commercial tools) or free tools (Open Source Tools) you are interested. Yes,

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