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Practical Tips On Why Not Getting Job In Software Testing?

Now a days most of the people have a dream of getting job in software industry and want to become a software tester. However becoming a software tester is not worth until and unless you are passionate about making things right. Getting job in Software testing field is not for everyone. You must acquire some of the very important skills in order to get this job such as latest technology knowledge, out of box thinking, good communication and much more.

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Are You Prepared: Interview Preparation Checklist

In previous article we cover most commonly question asked in the interview: Software Testing Interview Question – Tell Me Something About Yourself? today we will discuss on next interview topic.

When you want to start your Software Testing carrier, you have to face the interview to get a job. Even if you get a interview call then question in your mind is what would be the next step? Yes, you are right next step would be the preparation of your

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Tell Me Something About Yourself? - Software Testing Interview Question

In this session I am going to discuss you about the Ice breaking question asked in the interview that is “Tell Me Something About Yourself?”

Alright, the time you entered into the cabin of interviewer, ask him to permission to enter, sit there and you handle your resume to him and suddenly the voice is comes from interviewer as “Tell Me Something About Yourself?”, so you have all butterflies in your stomach and you just get stressed and you are

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Difference between Regression Testing vs Retesting?

Next commonly ask interview question in any software testing interview is “What is difference between Regression Testing and Retesting?” Regression testing and Retesting have different objectives and priorities, they equally important for project’s success.


Definition of Retesting and Regression Testing:

Re-Testing: After a defect is detected and fixed, the software should be retested to confirm that the original defect has been successfully removed. This is called Confirmation Testing or Re-Testing

Regression testing: Testing your software application when it undergoes

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Difference between Verification and Validation

In few days back we have seen article about “V-Model”. In the V Model Software Development Life Cycle, based on requirement specification document the development & testing activity is started. The V-model is also called as Verification and Validation model. The testing activity is perform in the each phase of Software Testing Life Cycle. In the first half of the model validations testing activity is integrated in each phase like review user requirements, System Design document & in the next

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Software Estimation Techniques - Common Test Estimation Techniques used in SDLC

In order to successful software project & proper execution of task, the Estimation Techniques plays vital role in software development life cycle. The technique which is used to calculate the time required to accomplish a particular task is called Estimation Techniques. To estimate a task different effective Software Estimation Techniques can be used to get the better estimation.

Before moving forward let’s ask some basic questions like What is use of this? or Why this is needed? or Who will

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