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Risk Based Testing – Statistical Model And Testing Approach

One of the main reasons behind poor software delivery is lack of time in delivering the product, which results in lesser time in software testing and impacts software quality. Risk based testing can help in identifying which scenarios are business critical and allocates more time to such scenarios. Risk based testing is based on test prioritization.

Risk based testing approach:

Risk Analysis need to be done initially which helps to take control over the issues in an effective manner.

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What is Risk Based Testing in Software testing?

Today’s article is going to be a complete guide to learn Risk Based Testing in Software testing. Before explaining Risk based testing, it is necessary to know what mean by Risk in software testing. A Risk is a problem or situation that has not happened yet and it may never happen in future as well. It is basically a possible problem.

In this article we understand what is risk based testing, reasons & situations to implement risk based testing, and

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What is Software Testing Methodologies?

In the field of Software testing we use different types of Software Testing Methodologies. In today’s Software Testing Class, we will see what all Software Testing Methodologies & software testing technique is used in the day today software testing life cycle.

In the Software Development Process different software development approaches are used. A software development process also known as a Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).

Each process model has its own advantages & disadvantages, the choosing of model is based

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