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Understand SQL Injection Better with the SQL Injection Cheat Sheet

Today we are going to learn What is SQL injection and cheat sheet to better understand of it.

On the web page when SQL is used to display data, then most of the time it allow user to enter the search criteria. The SQL queries on written in text format and easy to change in the code based on the entered search criteria by user. SQL injection is a technique used to inject malicious SQL statements to data-driven application for

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SQL Functions

In previous articles we have seen about different SQL commands to get store and retrieve the data from database. We have also learned about how to manipulate the data before saving or getting the data. The SQL supports number of useful functions and in this article we concentrating on those SQL functions with detailed description with Sql function examples & how to write function in sql.


What are Functions?

The SQL Functions are different built in special type of

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What is the SQL Group by Clause?

The SQL GROUP BY clause is used to group the result set based on common value present in the result set. The grouping of result set is done after all records are retrieved from tables. The GROUP BY clause can be used with the conjunction of SELECT query to make a group of rows based on the values of a specific column or expression. The SQL AGGREGATE function can be used to get

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In previous article we have learned about SQL JOINS. In this section of Software Testing Class we are concentrating on “SQL UNION”. In this post we are covering what is SQL UNION, examples of UNION, why use SQL UNION & difference between SQL JOIN and UNION.


What is a SQL UNION?

The SQL UNION operator allows you to combine the result of two or more SQL SELECT queries.

The only requirement to work SQL UNION query is both the

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The JOIN is very much misunderstood term for beginners while learning the SQL commands. In the interview at least one question is ask about the SQL JOIN’s. So in this article I am trying to simplify the things for new SQL learners & make it easy to understand the SQL JOIN’s. At the end of this post you should in a position to write your SQL JOIN query independently. So first start from the basics of JOIN’s.


What is

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SQL Sub-Queries

What are Sub queries?

SQL Sub queries are the queries which are embedded inside another query. The embedded queries are called as INNER query & container query is called as OUTER query.

The subqueries are the queries which are executed inside of another query. The result SQL query is totally depends on the result of sub query. First the INNER query gets executed & the result of INNER query is passed as input to the outer query.

SQL Sub-Query Syntax:

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