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Do We Need Both Equivalence Partitioning And Boundary Value Analysis?

Looking at the many more question about both “Equivalence Partitioning And Boundary Value Analysis” comment we decided to clear the write article on “Is It Necessary To Do Both Equivalence Partitioning And Boundary Value Analysis?” Let ‘s see in detailed and ask queries in the comment below for any unclear or open question.

To deliver a bug free software, a tester should cover maximum possible combinations of conditions. But is not possible to completely exhaust all possible conditions. It is

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How To Choose Which Testing Technique Is Best?

Testing technique refers to the method or way to test a software or a part of software. Each testing technique has its own benefits. Different techniques target different types of defects. So, it would be wrong to call one technique best. Based on the software and its requirements, one test technique may suit better than the other to serve the purpose. And sometimes, a combination of different testing technique might be a good way to test a software.

The various

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