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Software Testing Tips And Tricks For Testing Any Application

Software tester has only one dream and that is to find lots and lots of bugs but what should be kept in mind is to find bugs which can help in making any software more usable and of higher quality. Application testing is not a rocket science if tester keeps in mind some of the important points before starts testing. In this article we going to see the Software testing tips and tricks you should know before start actual testing

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What is Test data & guidelines to design your Test Data?

In this article, you will get to know the importance of test data and some guidelines to execute test case using proper test data and test environment setup

What is Test Data? Why is it Important?

In simple word, Test data is the documented data that is basically used to test the software program. Test data is divided into two categories. First is Positive test data which is generally gives to system to generate the expected result and other is

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Software Test Estimation - 10 Tips On How To Estimate More Accurately

This is a first guest article by Author “Sandeep Jadhav”.

In previous article “Common Test Estimation Techniques used in SDLC”, we learned about commonly used Software Estimation Techniques in software industries.

I am trying to put some points on estimations in a very simple manner, which is helpful to prepare good test estimations. I am explaining how to estimate tasks and general tips to help us to estimate more accurately.

Try to have your brain storming sessions with Business Analyst,

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Tips/Guidelines to Improve Software Testing Process

The overall software testing process is a continuous improvement process. For this enhancement of process either a single persons or only testing team is not responsible. This joined combined effort of Testing and Development team along with Management should understand the importance of the testing process improvement and identify with area of testing process needs to improve.

Points for Team Leads, Managers and Project Managers:

First important step is to recognize all of platform on which entire application is running.

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Test Plan Template

Most of the time many software testing guys are totally confused about Test Strategy and Test Plan Template. So I am writing this article for those who keen to learn about what is actual difference between Test Plan document & Test Strategy document. In this article I am concentrating on actual Sample Test Plan example and in next article I will share the What is Test Strategy document and why it is needed.

Also I have added link to Download

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Tips/Guidelines for writing test cases

Writing good test cases is a talent and it can be achieved by experience and comprehensively studying application under test. In this article I will talk about basics tips on how to write test cases, what is test case, why use Test Case Management Tools, test case template & How to handle Test case maintenance. So lets begin with first point which is part of testers daily day to day life activity:


What is a test case?

Test case

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