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How a Web Application Security Scanner can Help to Reduce Your Development Costs

A quick search on Google will reveal plenty of posts that deal specifically with the importance of scanning your web application and eliminating all vulnerabilities. An approach that strikes the appropriate balance between automated security scanning and manual testing using a skilled penetration tester is usually considered to be the best option.

Experience usually demonstrates that a combination of these two methods results in the most efficient way to find and eliminate both technical and logical vulnerabilities.

On the topic

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10 Reasons Why You Are Not A Professional Tester

We all know that “testing” is quite a interesting and innovating concept in the world of IT. Earlier, developer used to code and test. Gradually with increasing number of software, there was a need of TESTERS. Why? Because testing is not only about making sure that code works as expected, it is much more than that. Requirements testing, Integration testing, Functional testing, Regression testing, Load testing and list goes on, there are so many aspects to keep in mind while

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How Not To Write Test Cases (Tips For Both New And Experienced Testers)

This is a post by Sakshi Dewan, STC team member. More on her later, let’s see how not to write test cases first!

You must be thinking why a ‘not to’ article when there are plethora of articles/papers explaining how to write test cases. Probably, your thinking is right. But, after reviewing thousands of test cases written by new and experienced testers alike I felt that there is a need to educate testers on the fine line between excellent and

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10 Tips for the SoapUI Beginner

Today we are completing our FREE SoapUI tutorials series. In this SoapUI training series we covered SoapUI testing concepts and in detail with easy to understand practical examples.

Mainly these SoapUI tutorials are very helpful for all level SoapUI users. Today to complete with SoapUI series we are covering last article in the series “10 Tips for the SoapUI Beginner“.


10 Tips for the SoapUI Beginner: (1) Magical Right Click:

SoapUI is a robust tool and there are

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Involvement Of Stakeholders In Testing

Active stakeholders or their representatives are people who are authorized to provide information about the system being built and who can have a say on the requirements, prioritization of work. Stakeholders are a vital part in a software project. They play an important role throughout the life of the project. Their continuous involvement is necessary in success of the IT projects. Without active involvement of the stakeholders in the building of the project, the project may not become successful. Different

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Top 20 Practical Testing Tips That A Tester Should Know Before Start Actual Testing!

Software application testing can be challenging for a tester if he is not well prepared in advance to test it properly. This is a top 20 tips you should know before you start testing product or web application. This would help you not only getting the results accurately but saves a lot of time. Preparing yourself for testing is the best thing to follow when you have got tight deadlines.


Top 20 Practical Testing Tips That A Tester Should

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