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Performance Testing Metrics - Baseline And Benchmark Testing

What is performance testing?

We build a software application which enters into various testing phases such as unit testing, integration testing, system testing and acceptance testing. Here we are covering most of the aspects of the white box testing and black box testing. What about the software application performance? Can we say that an application which is functionally sound after testing is fit for the business purpose and use? Definitely not. There is another important aspect of testing which is

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What is Negative Testing and Tips on Writing Negative Test Cases?

The primary objective of testing is make the application under test is defect free and make quality application.

Many of us know that there are different types of testing needs to perform to make application defect free like Functional testing, Integration testing, system testing, regression testing, sanity testing, smoke testing, alpha and beta testing, UAT testing etc. If we think deeper then you definitely realize that each testing activity is further divided in to two different categories: Positive testing and

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Tutorial 2: Introduction to Mobile Application Testing

In the fast-growing world, the mobile phone is not only a device to make and receive telephone calls but also a multipurpose personal gadget. There are a more technological improvement and the propagation of mobile devices with different Operating Systems like Apple iOS, Andriod, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Symbian etc. In the fast-growing world, there are new challenges for hardware manufacturers to stay in the competition. Also, the application developer needs to deliver best Apps over a variety of platforms within

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Usability Testing: What? Why? & How?

Usability Testing is a Black Box Testing Technique. Usability testing is done with users point of view. It is a technique implemented in user-centred interaction design to evaluate a product or service by testing it with representative users. On the Web page the usability is a most important and required condition for survival. If the website is difficult to use then peoples will not stay on the page. If the page content or details are hard to read or understand

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Positive and Negative Testing In Software Testing

Software testing is process of Verification and Validation to check whether software application under test is working as expected. To test the application we need to give some input and check if getting result as per mentioned in the requirements or not. This testing activity is carried out to find the defects in the code & improve the quality of software application. Testing of application can be carried out in two different ways, Positive testing and Negative testing.

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Security Testing approach for Web Applications

What is Security Testing?

Security testing is one of the most important types of software testing that intended to find the vulnerabilities or weakness of the software application. The main objective of security testing is to find the vulnerabilities of system & determine that its data and resources are protected from possible intruder. Security testing allows us to identify the confidential data stays confidential or not.

Now a day’s online transaction are rapidly increasing, so security testing on web application

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