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Why Exploratory Testing Is Important In Agile Projects?

Today when most of the organizations are using agile methodology, effective testing has become a challenge. As we know that agile is an iterative approach to software development and also, it is time boxed. It means you have a certain time frame in which you have to gather requirements, plan, develop, test and release (and repeat!). if developer gives you the code to test at the very end of the release week then you would need to either delay the

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How To Test Responsive Website - Sample Test cases and Examples!!

We all have experienced this at least once, when we are trying to surf website on mobile to see a particular area of the website. We are zooming in by taping on the screen like a thousand times. It is annoying and at the same time we lose our interest. As a result it could be a potential loss to the website business. As the organization has lost a customer by not opting responsive website for its business.

In this

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What Is Endurance Testing In Software Testing?

There are many definitions and explanations available for Endurance Testing. It is difficult to determine which one is right. Let’s start with literal meaning of the word “Endurance”

Definition: The capacity of something to last or to withstand wear and tear.

In software terms, Endurance testing is performed to check behavior of system under sustained or prolonged use. It is performed with a significant work load on system. Its key features are

It is a non-functional software testing. It is

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Adapting To Exploratory Testing Is Not Easy For Every Tester

As testers, we all know the importance of Exploratory Testing technique. Some of us might be using it already and some of us are still into the traditional testing methods of writing testing scripts. Let me give a brief introduction to this testing technique and then I will explain why adapting to exploratory testing (ET) is not easy for every tester and why some testers swear by it.

As the name says, exploratory testing is used to “explore” the software

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E-commerce Testing: It Can Be Make Or Break

E-commerce has made our lives so easy by providing a medium to shop at our own comfort and convenience. We can order almost everything by sitting in front of our computers avoiding huge lineups and travel tiredness. As a tester, it can be quite challenging to test E-commerce website since there are so many general scenarios to test but the priority would always be “excellent user experience”. No doubt, exploratory testing plays a major role here.

I remember once, I

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What Is Portability Testing In Software?

First of all we should know that what Portability testing is. It is a type of testing in which Software application is installed from one environment to other, may be from one platform to another platform with different hardware and software configuration. The whole purpose is to check whether application is able to run and can be deployed in different applicable environment, in order to satisfy business needs of the customer. If we see in terms of software application, running

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