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Disruptive Testing

Disruptive testing is a type of testing which is carried out to make a software application crash or fail in order to determine the behavior of the application when different amounts of load are applied to it. It is the best suitable for the products which are produced in large quantities since the loss for destroying a small number of quantities would be less than the cost of destroying the larger one. For example, mobile testing. When a new version

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Learn about SOA Testing

SOA stands for Service Oriented Architecture. In simple words, it is a framework consists of different services which communicate with each other over the network independently following a set of protocols. A service can be defined as a self-contained part of the functionality, and the combination of the several services can together provide usage and functionality of a software application on a large scale. The SOA framework makes it easier for the software parts on personal computers which are connected

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Stability Testing - What Why How?

Have you experienced slowing of your computer or your mobile after a certain apps or software are downloaded on your system? I know that’s annoying and sometimes system crashes when you are trying to perform some actions on it. In this article, we are going to learn about Stability Testing – a non-functional time based type of testing which determines the behavior of the software under stress or in certain environments like different temperature, voltages and memory usage.Let’s start with

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Situational Testing - Five Levels Of Value Based Testing

As professional testers, we are expected to think out of the box for all the possible scenarios or situations which can break software under test. In this article, we are going to discuss about situational testing and its main features with benefits.

Every software is different and requires a unique testing approach. Situational testing provides this uniqueness by giving the flexibility of using different forms of testing on the same product for optimal results. This will save the project cost

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Protocol Testing

What is Protocol Testing?

The protocol testing is a cumulative term used by the communication industries or organizations for the testing of different protocols in the domains of VoIP, Wireless, Switching, and Routing, etc. In the protocol testing, we tests the structure of packets which are sent over a network using protocol testing tools. During the test, routers and switches are involved which form the parts of devices or products under test. Routers we can imagine as a bus which

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Conformance Testing (Compliance Testing)

Every testing project has some specifications or requirements documented which needs to be verified and also, every organisation has certain set of standards to be followed. Conformance testing which is also called as Compliance testing is a type of testing which ensures that the software product complies with all of these standards. In this article, we are going to learn about conformance testing in detail.


According to ISO/IEC, conformance testing is defined as a fulfillment of a product,

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