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Situational Testing - Five Levels Of Value Based Testing

As professional testers, we are expected to think out of the box for all the possible scenarios or situations which can break software under test. In this article, we are going to discuss about situational testing and its main features with benefits.

Every software is different and requires a unique testing approach. Situational testing provides this uniqueness by giving the flexibility of using different forms of testing on the same product for optimal results. This will save the project cost

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TestLodge - A Test Case Management Tool

Getting test cases organised, stored and collaboratively updated can be time consuming. Choosing a good Test Case Management Tool to expertly steer the process will be a positive contribution towards a successful end product.

TestLodge is a test case management tool that is simple to use. Whether working independently or in teams, users can easily manage their testing documentation and test cases, process test results and analyse bug reports that are logged automatically when tests fail.

Let’s take a look

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Performance Testing Using WebLOAD

Within the endless number of performance testing options available today, WebLOAD is probably the industries best kept secret. It is part of the earliest group of load testing tools that were launched in the 90’sand still provides a comprehensive and robust option if your goal is large-scale enterprise performance testing. WebLOAD includes extensive scripting capabilities, massive load generation (locally or on the cloud), analytics and reporting, and built-in integrations with APM solutions, functional testing tools and open source platforms.


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Integrating JIRA Agile with your Confluence applications - Tutorial 14

This is the last article in JIRA tutorial series, if you missed any article then you can refer this link “Complete Atlassian JIRA Tutorial Series” or check list in end of this article.

We will discuss about the integration of JIRA, JIRA Agile, Confluence and Confluence team Calendars and how you can use these applications together to build the strongest user stories and the best plan for sprints or releases, while streamlining your team’s work.Also, after integrating these applications

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Creating, Configuring And Using A Board In Jira

In this tutorial, we are going to learn about creating, using and configuring a board in JIRA Agile. Boards are needed to view and work on the issues very smoothly with ease. A Board in JIRA can display issues from one or more projects. In JIRA, you can create a new board for yourself or use a board that has been created by someone else. JIRA Agile has two types of boards known as Scrum board and Kanban board.


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Testing vs checking

In today’s article we are going to understand the simple and interesting topic difference between Testing vs Checking. Before start with actual topic guys I know many of you had question in you mind “What is testing and checking?” and why is testing and checking are important?

In this tutorial I will answer your all queries. So let’s understand each topic one by one.

What is Software Testing?

The process of evaluation of product by learning about it through exploration

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