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What is Structural Testing?

Structural testing is the type of testing carried out to test the structure of code. It is also known as White Box testing or Glass Box testing. This type of testing requires knowledge of the code, so, it is mostly done by the developers. It is more concerned with how system does it rather than the functionality of the system. It provides more coverage to the testing. For ex, to test certain error message in an application, we need to

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Difference between Black Box Testing and White Box Testing

Many times, I have heard from reader about few terminology of Software Testing. Amongst the list readers asking about the what is meaning of Black Box and White Box testing. They were totally confused on the this Software Testing terminology and who is responsible for doing this type of testing, when it is carried out and what all inputs required to perform such types of testing.

So to answer all questions in today’s article we will covering Difference between Black

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What is a White Box Testing?

In the previous Software Testing Class I have explain about Black Box testing. In this section I am introducing the What is White Box Testing, What do you verify in White Box Testing, White box testing techniques, white box testing definition, types of white box testing, white box testing example, advantages and disadvantages of white box testing etc.

White Box Testing (WBT) is also known as Code-Based Testing or Structural Testing. White box testing is the software testing method in

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