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Netsparker Web Application Security Scanner

Choosing the Right Web Security Scanner

In today’s tutorial, we are talking how to choose right Web Security Scanner.

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Why do I Need a Web Security Scanner?

A web security scanner is a software that is designed to crawl across your websites, web applications, API endpoints, and more, and test for various kinds of known and unknown security vulnerabilities.  In fact, web security scanners perform the same function as reconnaissance scans performed by attackers every day, looking for and testing vulnerabilities.  Indeed, by using similar methods as the attackers, you will find yourself at least one step ahead of them.

Many web security scanners perform the same basic functions, scanning, and testing for potential exploit vectors.  However, the best scanners on the market will go one step further and demonstrate the actual attack vector of the identified vulnerabilities, and even describe what the vulnerability is and provide knowledge-based information.  With a tool like this in your toolbox, finding and fixing vulnerabilities before they get exploited will become much simpler.


How Do I Choose the Right One?

This is a very complex question.  Your business requirements and use cases need to be carefully examined before beginning to review your options on the market.  This is a complex task, and it will be highly unique to each business, but it is critical to complete before beginning a product evaluation.

Once those requirements are defined, you will need to begin sourcing the best matching web security scanners to evaluate and determine if they satisfy everything needed.  The use cases defined will also need to be tested to determine if the web security scanners being evaluated can satisfy them, too.  This, too, can seem daunting, but in reality, this could be the simplest and easiest part.


How Long Will a Product Evaluation Take?

Depending on the web security scanners you choose to evaluate, this could take quite some time especially if configuration tuning is required.  Really good scanners, however, will do a lot of this for you and reduce what would normally be weeks of evaluation into a few short days.  Automation is critical to remain agile, yet secure to ensure a fast speed-to-market while protecting your products and services.

Time is money for every business, and you certainly do not want to waste time trying to find the right product suited to your needs. So there are certain things to look out for when it comes to autonomization of web security scanners.  Keeping an eye out for these products to evaluate for your business’ needs will help ensure you can find the solution you need quickly, spend minimal effort maintaining it, and keep your focus on your value chain where it matters most.

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    Nice web security scanner tool.

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