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Difference between Use Case and Test Case

Software Testing costs almost fifty percent of the costing from Software Company. So test cases are very important issues over here. Once software development was the only attractive and demanding work in software industry, now scenario has changed. Testing has different terms and there are ways to complete it. For qualifying as a test engineer or to work in software industry it is mandatory to know them clearly. Also “Difference between Use Case and Test Case” most commonly asked interview question.

The Term Use Case and Test Case use at the same purpose sometime.  There are difference between Use Case vs Test Case, so anyone wants to interact with software system should know the meaning clearly.

Difference between Use Case and Test Case

Difference Between Use Case and Test Case:

Use Case

Test Case

Use Case: In software and systems engineering, a use case is a list of actions or event steps, typically defining the interactions between a role (known in the Unified Modeling Language as an actor) and a system, to achieve a goal. The actor can be a human or other external system. Test Case: A test case is a set of conditions or variables under which a tester will determine whether an application, software system or one of its features is working as it was originally established for it to do.
Use case describes us the overview of the software functions to reach the final destination. It demonstrates the test progress and the interaction between the software and the user.
It shows different paths to achieve the goal, these paths shows the efficient one clearly to follow up. Test Case tests one case at a time. It shows the perfect result after the testing process to achieve the goal.
While creating Use case it can combine different case or one case at a time. As it tests one case at  a time so there is no chance of combining the result.
Execution of the use case can give same results for the multiple paths, also different results are possible. One case gives one results and verifies the function ability.
It is applicable for business purpose, where it shows the framework of the software and the growth of the process Test case is obviously for Test Engineers, they understand it well.
Based on use case results there is no possibility to find combine with the test cases. Test case can follow the Use case frameworks to work further.
Use case works with step by step working function ability of the software; here the main focus is to reach the goal through different steps and showing the working process. The step that describes in Use case it can be applied in the test cases.
Use case results are not verified. Test case results are verified, it checks if the result that shows in Use cases is functioning properly or not.
It makes for to understand the destination clearly, so execution is not possible here. It creates the result by testing, so execution is the main usage of this type of test case. There is an execute team to test the cases.
The root of the use case is the requirement of the Business. The root of the test case is the framework of the Use case.
Use case managed by diagrams, where client requirements are shown clearly. Diagrams can’t show the results here. Here the main thing is the function tests, which documented in excel.
Usually Use cases are described by the Analyst from business; they collect the requirement by research and in the report. Test case only described or designed by the specialists. They can be software analyst, QA team, however mostly by the Test Engineer.
It is necessary for UAT that means User Acceptance Test. Use case works on this criteria. It  works on the working process and combine the functions with the requirements of the client.
The client requirements often miss some points that are why Use case is not able to describe the whole process without any missing points. Test case is the final process, so it concludes the result after combining the issues from client requirements and concludes the case after checking the process.
This visualize presentation is Unified Modeling Language where test Engineers can see the requirements clearly. It helps to reduce the pressure from the Test Engineers. Test case use different tools to complete every steps and it verifies the testing after completing the requirements.
More clear the Use case, More easy to complete the test. Test Case needs to complete the testing manually or automatically with more detailed steps.
It mostly interacts with the user. It interacts with the results.
Use case can be completed in one time. Test case required repeated process of the testing.
There is need of documents and research for Use case. Test case depends on the test scripts, each test scripts complete one step.
Use case doesn’t depend on the test case; it only works on the requirements. Test case depends on the Use case as it described the requirement steps. Each steps should be test and verified time to time.


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Use case and test case both uses in the software industry interchangeably and it has its different meanings. One collects the requirements and another analyzes it. There are many difference between use case and test case and for test engineer should have understanding of both to survive in this industry.

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