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Important Tips on why not getting job in Software Testing

Many times you applied online for job or forwarded resumes to many companies to start Career in software Testing but you even not getting calls for the interview. Even you were attending the interview but not getting cracked. Have you think of this why happens this repeatedly? And “Why you are still away from making career in software testing?” There are many reasons behind not getting job even if Software Job Openings. In this article I am trying to concentrate on explaining few reasons which help to get you dream job. Think sincerely about key points mentioned below once, probably you might get the answer “Why you haven’t Software Testing Interview yet?”

 Top 12 Reasons for not getting job in Software Testing:
  1. Many of the time you are trying for Software Testing as career even if you are not passionate about it. Only just sake of other friends is being employed in Software Testing or you want to getting employed as early as possible.
  2. You are not confident with yourself. Be prepare & confident in interview.
  3. Very well said “First impression is the last impression”. The most important thing is Resume is not well formatted. In first step no one can read your resume properly if it not bad formatted.
    So make sure that your resume should be very well formatted & stick to specific points.
  4. You might not read resume properly & adding points in resume just sake of other friend is added that point. Most of the interviewer asks questions based on what you written on your resume. So make it point in your resume which you know or you confident about it. You should able answer each & question on your resume.
  5. You might not be prepare for the interview & no one be fully prepared for interview. But you should try to cover all basics of software testing and skills.
  6. You might not analyze the job requirements where you are applying for the job. Once go through the job details before applying for job. Before applying for the job check if job profile is matches with your profile. You are not studying for Job opening position & you are not preparing for that. You should do basic homework for job opening. You should go through what all skills interviewer is looking for, prediction of what all probable question might interviewer ask in interview.
  7. You might be adding fake experience in your career.
  8. You might from non-IT background & not have knowledge of software testing concepts & just wanted to start career in software testing.
  9. You think that enter into “Career in software Testing” is best option & testing is simplest work to do in software & anyone can do testing.
  10. Due to lack of practical knowledge you might not able to explain answer with proper examples.
  11. You might not know about company is majorly working in which domain or area. Based on this you should prepare for the interview.
  12. You might think that it is not require training & I can manage this in actual work.

Here I am not underestimating you but we try to expose common reasons why you are not getting Software testing jobs. You is the only person is responsible for their career. Each interviewer is looking for the candidate who is best fit for their position. So you have to work hard to get it the job. You should think of how I can able to make it for this Software testing jobs & using above guidelines & I am sure that you can crack it the next few interviews.

If you think that I missed to add reasons for not getting job in Quality assurance or software testing, so you can share it in below comment section. In next article I will try to explain “Important tips to get a job in Software Testing”.

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6 comments to Important Tips on why not getting job in Software Testing

  • Abhishek

    Nice point outs…

    Please explain in brief how to overcome listed common issues. What you can suggest is better approach if one finds one or few reasons for their own.

  • Vinayak

    As you mentioned above I nearly going with the same way, Right now i am working as a game tester from last 4 years and i am looking for job change in software testing, but most of the companies does not considering experience of game testing for manual testing in software, So my question is what can i mention in my resume?. Is it possible to switch in software testing or not?

  • Jamal

    Hi, can you mentioned here what are academic qualifications and age requirements in these
    QA testing jobs.

  • rafi

    Right now iam doing manual testing, I want to switch to automated testing, for 2 years experience which is best for my future QTP Or Selinium. plseadvise me sir.

  • Jitendra Lenka

    Hi Swati,

    Thanks for nice blog.

    Would you please discuss some of essential areas of testing irrespective of domain. Because though someone good at automation, generation of test cases and etc,. still organisation interviewers for specific domain only.


  • Jeet Das

    Go for selenium, Ok Web tester preferable.

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