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Installation of TestNG in Eclipse IDE - Selenium WebDriver Tutorial

In previous post we have started Introduction of TestNG framework and Advantages of TestNG over Junit framework. Today we are seeing how to Install TestNG framework in Eclipse IDE.

Please follow following simple steps to Install TestNG in Eclipse. We have installed Eclipse in few days back, if you don’t have eclipse then please get installed using post: “Link”

Steps to install TestNG in Eclipse IDE:

1)  Launch Eclipse IDE & under Help menu click on “Install New Software” option.

Testng Eclipse Install New Software


2) Install dialog box will be appeared same as below:

TestNG Eclipse Install Dialog


3) In the install dialog box, enter URL as “” in Work with text box & press keyboard enter key.

TestNG Eclipse Enter Url


4) Under Name column TestNG check box will be displayed same as below:

TestNG Eclipse Available Softwares


5) Select the “TestNG” check box & click on Next button.

Eclipse Select TestNG


6) On Install Details screen, make sure that TestNG is selected & then click on Next button same as mentioned below screenshot:

TestNG Eclipse Install Details


7) On Review Licenses screen read license agreement & select “I accept…” option shown in below screen shot & click on Finish button.

TestNG Eclipse License Agreement


8) Ensure that Installing Software dialog appear. Wait till installation gets completed:

TestNG Eclipse Installing Software


9) One security warning message will appear during installation. Ensure that you click on Ok button if same security dialog is appeared.

TestNG Eclipse Security Warning


10) Once the installation process is completed then Eclipse ask you to Restart, click on Yes button.

TestNG Eclipse Software Updates


11) Once the Eclipse is restarted, to make sure whether TestNG is installed or not. Just under Run menu click on “Run As” option & check new option is added called “TestNG Test”same as below screen shot:

Eclipse TestNG Run As Option


TestNG is really impressive framework where we can execute the simple to complex test scripts with ease. It supports many powerful features, like annotations, reporting, data-driven testing etc. We are covering these all features in the upcoming articles soon.

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4 comments to Installation of TestNG in Eclipse – Selenium WebDriver Tutorial

  • Ashwajit Thukral

    That link is no more active i guess. Can you please check and let us know the active link.

    Thanks again for the wonderful work. I am Tester and it really helps me a lot!!! Thanks

  • sivaramprasad


  • Abhishek

    Link is working perfectly Ashwajit

  • Dheeraj

    It was really a great experience going through your articles on selenium and I could see that with this particular article “Installation of TestNG in Eclipse – Selenium WebDriver Tutorial” it has stopped(I referred Tutorial 1 to Tutorial 11). Or I am unable to find any other follow up tutorials to this article. Can you please provide more articles on Selenium (continue these tutorials) or , in case it is already published give me the links. It would be great!

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