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Internet Banking Application- Sample Test Cases And Best Practices

What is internet banking?

Internet banking makes use of electronic payment method that enables both the customers and financial institutions to pursue money transactions through the website. Nowadays, more people are interested in internet banking as it is faster and easier method of payment. One need to go to bank and stand in long queue to make financial transactions. Through internet banking, user can transfer and receive money, pay bills, initiate fixed deposits, perform demat transactions and the like.


Challenges In Testing Internet Banking Applications:

Different internet connections and browsers- Customers would login from different system and different browsers, like Mozilla, IE, Google chrome, Opera and the like. Also, user would be using different operating systems. Internet connections is yet another parameter. Software testing need to consider all these factors – browsers, Operating systems, internet connections and thorough testing need to be done. Page performance and all functionalities need to be tested thoroughly to ensure that customer can continue to operate the system smoothly.

Internet Banking Application Testing


Time to market – banks are constantly in a rush to update new features to entice customers. This might result in less time to test the application. This may seriously affect the quality of the internet banking application.


Different Types Of Testing In Internet Banking Applications:

Usability testing – Internet banking application would be used by many users- some would be technically sound and others may lack technical skills. Application should be simple so that even people who are not so much into technical side should be able to handle the application well. Website need to be tested for simple and efficient design so that any user would be able to navigate through internet banking application without assistance.

Security testing – Banking applications are the key targets of hackers and groups that commit fraudulent activities. Vulnerability scanning and penetration testing can reveal proliferation of defects and further system susceptibilities.

Functional testing – functional testing encompasses checking for all the requirements and specifications

Performance testing – Some days may have spike in banking activities – especially in festivals or period during which there is an offer. Performance failures can affect the reputation of the financial institution badly.

Database testing – This needs to be done to make sure that ensure that data integrity, data migration, validation and rules testing is fine.

UAT testing– This is the final phase in testing internet banking applications


Best Practices That Can Be Adopted For Regression Testing Of Online Banking Application:

  1. In each release, business critical scenarios need to be tested in multiple cycles to make sure that functionalities are working as per the expectation.
  2. Browser testing need to be done – for example Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, IE and the like. Version testing also need to be done. Testing also need to be done in android and iOS devices to make sure that user interface is stable across all platforms.
  3. Test cases need to be reviewed and modified after each release according to the new functionalities and changes.
  4. If any defect is identified in production, that scenario need to be incorporated into the test scenario to make sure that issue will not occur in future releases.
  5. Shakedown testing need to be performed after every build to make sure that environment is stable.
  6. Latest versions of supporting tools and internal banking tools need to be tested that online banking application works fine across all platforms.
  7. Once a defect is raised, it need to be captured and logs need to be attached. This would make it easier for the development team to analyze the root cause.
  8. Major functionalities need to be tested after signoff till release to make sure that every functionality is working as per the expectation.
  9. Clarification documents and emails need to be saved to make it useful for future releases.
  10. Previous release learning or functionality need to be documented in a shared document.
  11. Different types of test data needs to be saved in a shared document.
  12. It would also be good if you have test data set up process in a shared location so that people in team can refer to and understand


Sample Test Cases For Net Banking Application:

  1. Verify that user is able to login with valid username and password
  2. Verify that user is able to perform basic financial transactions
  3. Verify that user is able to add a beneficiary with valid name and account details
  4. Verify that user is able to make financial transactions to added beneficiary
  5. Verify that user is able to add decimal number into amount ( limited by 2 numbers)
  6. Verify that user is not able to add negative number into amount field.
  7. Verify that user is allowed to transfer money only if there is proper account balance.
  8. Verify that there is a confirmation check for financial transactions
  9. Verify that user is given an acknowledgment receipt upon successful financial transaction.
  10. Verify that customer is able to send money to multiple people
  11. Verify that user is allowed to change password
  12. Verify that account details reflect financial transactions also.
  13. Verify that user with invalid password is not allowed to login.
  14. Verify that after repeated attempts to login with incorrect password( as per the limits), user should be blocked.
  15. Verify that time-out feature is implemented
  16. Verify that if either of the username or password is blank, user is not allowed to login. User should be given an alert also.



The things are moving fast with technology. Banking application are most critical application to develop and test on. So here we learned about what all Challenges in testing internet banking applications. In banking application testing we need to test different types of testing in internet banking applications. This article guided you to understand the best practices that can be adopted for regression testing of online banking application. Apart from that we also discussed about what all test cases you need to test out banking application (covered in sample banking test cases section).

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