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Is Domain Knowledge An Important Aspect In Manual Testing?

When you want to “Check”, no domain knowledge is needed but when you want to “Test”, domain knowledge is very important. Confused? Let me explain this in detail. Let’s take an example to understand how domain knowledge is important for testers. Say, you have written few automation scripts which “check” for some UI or basic functionality. To run them, your computer software doesn’t need any domain knowledge, it is just checking that whatever is written in that auto test should pass but when you do testing or make test cases from SRS/FRD documents then you need to understand each requirement and the expected output very clearly and hence need some domain knowledge for that.

Few of the projects in which domain knowledge plays a vital role are:

testing domain knowledge

  1. Mobile application testing.
  2. Network testing ( For example: LTE)
  3. Banking and Finance sector.
  4. Insurance and Manufacturing sector.
  5. VoIP testing.
  6. Health xanax care software.

Main advantage which makes difference here is that when a tester has common sense, he can find obvious bugs but when he has domain knowledge, he can find bugs which are related to core functionality since he know the flow of the application and know what goes where. Here, I am going to take an example of mobile application testing. Say tester has to test an application which is related to music. If he does not have any prior domain knowledge of the application then he will not know the various options we have to sync music from and whether all of them working fine or not! Also what type of music files are supported by the application and which are not compatible with it. But if has domain knowledge then he can even give his ideas to make that application better and more usable.

Another example is of banking domain:

In such type of applications, only UI and functionality knowledge is not enough but how the data flow goes and most important part is security. Unique username and password, how secured data is encrypted and then decrypted properly, how it is transferred and what are the challenges tester can face while testing these type of application are some of the very important aspects to keep in mind. In today’s world when cyber-crime has increased so much, banking applications and website’s security testing has become challenging part. Without domain knowledge, this can become risky for the business too.

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of having domain knowledge:

  • If a tester has domain knowledge then he may take a step ahead and think out of the box to question the current functionality of an application. Domain knowledge helps tester to execute negative test scenarios.
  • If a tester has domain knowledge then he may contribute in test cases review by comparing the application requirements against test cases.
  • Domain knowledge makes sure testing team is putting the right effort in the right direction and it may speed up the overall testing progress as the effort of training the resources in the mid of project is not needed.
  • Tester with domain knowledge are flexible to accommodate new changes or requirements that are introduced in the mid of the project.
  • Client always demands the quality testing which project management can make sure after recruiting the human resources with domain knowledge as well as technical expertise.
  • Testers with domain knowledge ensure less or no risk to application testing.
  • If testers have domain knowledge then it saves cost of training to tester for an organization.
  • Tester with domain knowledge may take an additional role in project for requirement gathering or direct interaction with client after spending considerable time in the project.
  • Tester with domain knowledge may prove asset to an organization in long run as they may become professional trainer for new joiners.
  • Only con for an organization is that, since the skill set of domain knowledge as well as technical expertise is rare in market therefore cost of employment can be very high at moments which may increase the testing budget of the project. Also cost of human resource retention may become high.

As we know all business applications are very critical and they demand very high quality end to end testing. Therefore not only technical knowledge of testing tools is desired by the organization but they demand a mix skill set of software testing technical as well as domain knowledge. It can be seen as a good opportunity with good pay to tester and an asset to the organization in long run and at the same time quality testing deliverable to the client. Thus domain knowledge goes hand in hand with good testing skills and technical expertise. So while software tester is hired, interviewer makes sure that he possesses all of these qualities.

Many freshers not aware of different software testing domains. Comment your domain below, it would really help to understand the different software domains to our readers.

27 comments to Is Domain Knowledge An Important Aspect In Manual Testing?

  • Sujay

    Hi, Myself Sujay and I am currently working in Trading domain where work on testing stock related application. I think this article is really awesome and you are really working for Noble cause.

  • Rachana

    I am working in Gaming domain where we test games on desktop, online games and games on mobile devices.

  • Jitendra

    The really cool article, the information in this article is very useful and useful to get different domains where we can focus on.

  • James

    I am working in Finance domain.

  • Abhishek

    I have worked on Logistics and Marketing domain applications.

  • Pratibha


    I am looking for sample finance domain web application where I can start practicing and learn the key points in Finance domain.


  • Usha

    Hi Author,
    I love to read this article and very useful for QA.
    I am currently working in Logistic domain to test ERP software application. In this project I work on testing of modules like freight, import, export, forwarding, carriers etc.


  • Hennry

    Hi all
    I am looking for healthcare domain related project knowledge, so looking forward help from experience readers to get the sample project if any or website to test.

    Thanks in advance,

  • Jason

    Jason here, I worked on healthcare domain in last 2 years and I looking for change to get the finance domain, so would it be ok to move to different domain or should continue with same domain in my carrier.

  • rihan

    Currently I am working as QA engineer in gaming industry.
    This is really cool domain to work on, it mainly based on your interest. If you have more interest you will do better in that domain.


  • Pradeep

    Excellent.!myself pradeep here. Have been in Trade Finance domain since a year.Domain Knowledge is Vital.

  • Sudhir

    I just started working on telecom domain and it would be helpful if I get the details around telecom domain, it’s very important for me learn telecom before start working in this project.

  • Kiran Jamdade

    I am working on Banking Domain.I would like to know more about this domain.can u help me?

  • xavier

    Hi Admin,
    Superb article and really helpful for all QA people’s.

    Working in BFS domain.


  • Renu Shankari

    Good one after long time…
    Nowdays I am working in automation Telerik Test Studio. If I talk about my project domain, to be in precise it’s Finance domain (BFSI).
    I agreed what you are saying that the domain knowledge really gives us better understanding to work with upper hand in project.

    Renu Shankari

  • Jons

    I am Jons. I really appreciate this article and points you covered here. However I want some more information on Health care domain knowledge as I am new in testing health care domain.


  • Ashwini

    Currently working as Junier test engineer in CMM level 3 company in Mumbai.

    I am consufed on what is protocal testing and want to learn more on protocal testing and what exactly we need to test in such testing.
    Also let me know what is VIOP testing and want to learn telecom domain.

    – Ashwini

  • Nikesh

    Hey very nice and interesting, i am into the health care domain and Entertainment domains

  • sivaksavitala

    Hi, Love to Read this Article. I am working for UIDAI. This is the unique domain.

  • sandeep reddy

    I am sandeep i worked on political domain for 4 years and tested 7 products related to it and presently working on health care

  • Saritha

    Nice Explanation about DOMAIN KNOWLEDGE, Thanks to u.

  • Charudatta

    Thanks for the valuable information.

    I proud to say I am working in VoIP testing domain.

  • Pari

    Hi, Thanks a lot for sharing these info on donain knowledge.

    Thanks again !

  • Mayur

    Finance domain

  • Kshitij

    Great article.. really useful for tester.
    I am working in website testingtesting, so is it website testing is my domain? Pls clarify

  • Kajgul

    Hi Dear,
    Actually I am working in a litigation based company working in E-discovery project like virtual data room.

    So what type of domain it will be called as?
    please let me know the answer.
    Thank you

  • Nisha

    I am testing in web app, mobile app, so what type of domain should i have to use? pls let me know

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