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Learn How to Test Your Android Application?

Nowadays Android Mobile is boom in the market. There are many Android mobiles are coming in the market and with its varieties, so while developing the Android apps developer are facing unique challenges and also getting opportunities. The Android Apps Testing Checklist is major concern from the beginning, so in this article we presenting the Mobile application development and testing checklist to ensure that both developers and testers have covered all high level point around every stage of SDLC.

This Mobile App testing checklist will make sure that high level scope of Android App requirement are mentioned clearly.


Stability Across a Range of Devices:

Range of Android Devices

In the idle testing situation, you would have sufficient time to test out the mobile app on different mobile device and OS combination. However the looking into the new versions of mobile devices and its OS updates it simply isn’t possible to test out on each and every device. In such situation you should come up with the testing strategy which efficiently uses your resources and time over the continuous growing Android market.

Testing approach will be depend on few factors like availability of resource, time, budgets, testing on emulators or actual devices etc. If you going with Manual testing then you should focus on limited set of most popular devices and OS combinations. If you want to test app on any obsolete version then it is OK to execute the sanity testing along with quick manual checks.


List down all interrupts while Android App is running:

If you are testing App then not only testing apps under stable testing environment but also the test out app with the all types of interruptions faces on day-to-day basis like incoming Incoming Call, Text message, Other app notifications, Storage low, No storage, Airplane mode, Intermittent connectivity, Home screen jump and Sleep mode etc. Check if the app is handling such interrupts happens in short period of time. While designing test plan you should think of various types of interrupts, automatic updates, app running in background and automatic shutdowns, open and close application faultlessly and app is getting and saving the data appropriately.


Utilization of Battery and Data Consumption:

Amongst the common complaints of Android device users one of the most essential share of the complaint is about the usage of battery. You need to check if how you app is working under different battery levels and how it is performing. You need to make sure that app is not consuming more battery usage. User generally not like to recharge the mobile more than once a day, so battery consumption plays an important role. Good apps allow devices to go sleep mode to efficient use of battery consumption when they are idle.


Android Battery Consumption


Along with testing battery usage make sure that you are checking the data usage being used by the app. There are companies like Verizon give rating based on the data usage by the app. If the application run in background (not open for use) and it take less than 10MB data usage then app will get the five star. It is not such a golden rule that it should take 10MB data usage per month, however it is good benchmark to check with your application under test.


More Android Interface Options:

As compare the Apple phones and tablets, the Android devices offers different interfaces. Android ideally having the three to four buttons like home, menu, back and search buttons, whereas Apple supports only single button. So while testing you should make sure that each buttons are working as expected in different android interfaces.


Android Intefaces


Next important area to focus on Android App is the keyboard. Check if the on-screen keyboard is not hiding or creating usability issues while using the App. You should check if any important information is not getting blocked by the keyboard when it displayed on the screen. Along with this you should make sure that inbuilt features of Android is functioning as expected like copy-paste feature and not creating any user experience issues. When the Android App is released then it should be targeted to worldwide users, so you should check if it properly displaying all types of special without any issues.


Real World testing of Android App:

The Android App must be thoroughly tested under stable testing environment and also on the emulators, but it is equally important to test App like real world use. You should test the App from initial installation to daily use of App as per the end users point of view. This method is more powerful to come t o know if any insubstantial issues become visible in Android apps. There is no specific method to test the Android App in this category, but you will get issues facing in day to day use.

The Android market is growing fast and launching new Android devices with different shapes and sizes. To stand out in such a growing market you should bring into being a user friendly, easy to use Android App.


Integration of application with Google Play / Apple App store:

The testing of Android App will be completed when it is tested end to end, similar way how the end user is going to get and use the application. Along with detailed application testing you should include test cases related to application deployment on Google Play / Apple App store and available to end users for installation. It also includes the validation of application information displayed on store like App description, screenshots, and version no.

I think we have addressed all major points on “How to Test Your Android Application?”. I have worked for around 2 years out of my testing career on mobile testing. There are some experts who have spent more years mobile app testing. If I missed out addressing some important mobile app testing aspect then let me know in comments below. I will keep on updating the article for latest testing information. Also you found this post useful, please share it with your friends / colleagues. Checkout Android Application Testing Guide here!!!

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