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Tutorial 5: Why is TestComplete The Most Suitable Tool To Automate Android OS?

No doubt, there are a large number test automation tools which are available in the software market from different vendors but before you invest in one of those tools, how you will figure out that this automation tool suits the best to your testing needs where you want to automate testing of Android OS based device. There are many points which comes to pictures and if any such tool passes the litmus test then these points providing the solution then

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JUnit and Hybrid (Keyword+Data Driven) Framework - Part 1


In this tutorial, we will learn how to build Hybrid (Keyword+Data Driven) Framework and we will publish this tutorial in multiple parts. Initially, we will build up the core of Hybrid Framework. The core of Hybrid framework will look like. We will build up the core and integrate with webdriver and selenium RC. The features of the core will remain same for both webdriver and selenium RC.

For detailed tutorial series check here:



Steps involved to

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Tutorial 4: Example on Data driven Testing using TestComplete

In the previous article, we learn about Data-Driven Testing Procedure And Its Implementation Using TestComplete. In today’s class, we will learn about Data-driven testing using TestComplete.

Many software applications irrespective of the web or mobile app require being tested functionally based on the input data. Such type of functional testing where we run automated tests in order to simulate user actions on an application (web or mobile) with variable input data is known as data-driven testing. Data-driven testing provides large

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Tutorial 3: Data-Driven Testing Procedure And Its Implementation Using TestComplete

As discussed in the last chapter of this tutorial, the TestComplete tool has an inbuilt test data generator which can quickly generate a lot of data that can be used in the test scripts. The tool allows to retrieve data from CSV files, workbooks or database tables and you can run automated tests for different data sets using this tool. It is always recommended to separate test data from test scripts for low test maintenance and more flexibility. In this

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Tutorial 2: Complete guide On How To Set up TestComplete Environment?

In previous class we learned about “TestComplete Tutorial For Beginners: Easiest To Use Automated UI Testing Tool“. In this chapter, we are going to learn about the installation and environment Set up TestComplete tool. We will list down the operating system, system (both recommended and minimal), and disk space requirements which are required by TestComplete tool to work smoothly on a given computer configuration for test automation purpose.

TestComplete tool Software Requirements: Supported Windows Versions:

TestComplete is compatible with the

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TestComplete Tutorial For Beginners: Easiest To Use Automated UI Testing Tool

As testing is becoming more popular among all the software organizations, automation has become a necessity. It not only saves efforts and time but also provide accurate results. TestComplete is such an automated UI testing tool developed by SmartBear software which makes automated tests across different platforms easy to create, maintain and execute. You can cover Web, Mobile and desktop applications using one tool which saves cost and time. SmartBear has the highest score in automated responsive web design testing.

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