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Practical Tips On Why Not Getting Job In Software Testing?

Now a days most of the people have a dream of getting job in software industry and want to become a software tester. However becoming a software tester is not worth until and unless you are passionate about making things right. Getting job in Software testing field is not for everyone. You must acquire some of the very important skills in order to get this job such as latest technology knowledge, out of box thinking, good communication and much more. Jobs are in the market to hire you but what matters is to get the job which matches your skills and make you learn more. If you are the one among those who are trying to get into this field and not getting success then here are the top 10 reasons and explanations why you are not getting job in software testing:

1) You are not concerned about quality and making things right. You are not passionate enough to become a quality tester and lazy to find issues. If you think testing is a job in which no training or knowledge is required then you are underestimating it. Testing is as challenging as development but with the wrong skills, it is not worth it.

2) You don’t have right skills to do this job. You must do some standard certifications or at least have proper knowledge about SDLC and all the necessary processes related to testing. You must know how much testing should be done and what would make the product more useful for the users. You need to be creative thinker.

3) You don’t have attractive resume. In this competitive world, you need to show your skills better than others and first step is to have an organized resume. You don’t need 10 pages but 2-3 pages will do the job, just maintain the quality of the words and define your skill set clearly.

4) You are not updated yourself with the latest technology going on in software industry. To get a job, it is very important to keep your knowledge updated to the latest tools and practices going on in software field.

5) You have not done any research about the company. Before attending an interview, it is important to learn about the company and what kind of software it tests. If you do not do this homework then chances of getting the job become less favorable.

6) You don’t have required experience needed to get the job. Some companies need experience in a particular tool or software (e.g. device, web etc.) and hire the ones who have it.

7) You don’t have a strong reason to be a tester. You need a strong reason to become a tester, testing job is not for lazy people. You must answer why do you want to become a tester?

8) Your skills don’t match with the job requirements. While applying for a job, you must see whether your skills set match with the company requirements. If you miss this point, you will not be considered for the job and hence you will not get it.

9) You don’t have practical examples. While giving interviews you must have practical examples to support your interview answers. If you don’t have proper explanation then you won’t get the job. For e.g. interviewer may give a you situation where you need to convey an issue details just before release to a developer without being rude and getting it fixed before deadline then you must have an appropriate answer that how you would handle such situation in a smart way.

10) You are not polite and have ego. As a tester you need to communicate really well to the developer for the issues you find in the software. Sometimes, you need to keep your ego aside in order to get things done. If you are rude then nobody will hire you. Communication is the key to success in testing.

Testing job in IT software industries is not as easy as it seems to be. It does require hard work and good communication. To deliver a quality product is the main goal of a software tester and there is nothing called 100% testing. Testing becomes a challenge for those who don’t have passion for it and it is fun for those who are committed to deliver quality products. To get a job in software testing, you must be passionate about it, have a good knowledge about SDLC and the processes followed in testing phase of a software. Also, one must know his interest as testing could be manual or automation or both. Automation testing needs tools and some scripting languages as skills. Tester should have an ability to think out of box and also think from different perspectives. Once you have taken care of all these points then it would not be difficult to get your dream job in software testing. All the best!

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    I am fresh graduate pass out 2014, please share the link for the opening for fresher.

  • Daniel

    A thoughtful article that can be utlized in day to day testing life cycle…… thanks buddy for posting such wonderful article.

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