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Tell Me Something About Yourself? - Software Testing Interview Question

In this session I am going to discuss you about the Ice breaking question asked in the interview that is “Tell Me Something About Yourself?

Alright, the time you entered into the cabin of interviewer, ask him to permission to enter, sit there and you handle your resume to him and suddenly the voice is comes from interviewer as “Tell Me Something About Yourself?”, so you have all butterflies in your stomach and you just get stressed and you are not able to answer properly. WHY IT IS HAPPENING?? So in this session we will help you out on how to tackle this question in interview. We will discuss how can we answer in a simple manner without taking stress or tension.

Before starting with the discussion I have divided it into the few high level point on which you should talk in the interview around this question. Also we will see what is right order to present these points in simple and easy manner in interview.

The 99% of the interviewer generally ask this question to start with the interview.

  1. NAME: First thing you have mention your name. The format of replying this is “I am <Your Name>” or you can say “My name is <Your Name>“. The starting with both the framing is correct.
  2. PLACE: Next comes the place where do you leave, so you can reply like this “I am from <Place>” or “I belongs to <Place>“.
  3. QUALIFICATION: Third come about your qualification. Here you should mention your highest qualification, it means if you have done you post graduation, so you should inform about that and not for the lower qualification you have. The informing about your qualification phrase you may use as “I am graduate in <Qualification>” or “My highest qualification is <Qualification>.” And if you are fresher then you can say “I have recently done my <qualification>“. Moreover if you have done any more qualification related to your profession then do mention that also along with this point.
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    Tell Me Something About Yourself

  4. SKILLS AND EXPERIENCE: If you are not a fresher then this is the point where interviewer are more interested to listen. For fresher this point is not compulsory, however if you are running in mid of your carrier so you must be carrying some experience in your life and along with experience you must be carrying skills that you have mentioned in the resume. So if there more skills you have then don’t resides all points, you should speak about two or three points on which you are more confident about it. Telling about your skills you may use phrases like “I am quite good in <skills>“. Here you think about why mentioned quite good, the reason behind that is you are not sure about it whether you are good or not and it is job of the interviewer who is going to decide where you are good or not. If you want to talk on your experience then you should use the phrase as “I am carrying experience of <no of years>.” You can either tell your skills or experience first, both looks correct.
  5. FAMILY BACKGROUND: Lot of people don’t mentioned about it but it is necessary. If you not mentioned in your introduction then it may be ask you separately. The phrase to tell your family background is “So far my family background concerned, <family member count and details>” or another phrase is “If I talk about my family, In my family there are <family member count and details>” or simple one is “In my family <family member count and details>“. So these phrases are very easy and quick on your tongue when you are informing about family members to the interviewer.
  6. HOBBIES: Last and not the least is about describing your hobbies. You have to maintain a light tone about describing your hobbies because it is a personal note which is not affiliated with your professional summary. So phrase can be the “I have couple of hobbies, I am fond of <list of hobbies>” or “If I mention about my hobbies I am fond of <list of hobbies>“.


Point to be considered in Software testing interview:

  1. When you start answering this question make sure that you are not using “Sir / Madam” in your interview many times. Ideally you should use such type of regards in the beginning and the ending of your answer.
  2. If the interviewer ask you about tell me about your self then the you should start with your name. However if interviewer looking into your resume and ask question like “Hey Anushree, Tell Me Something About Yourself?” then you should not tell your name in your answer. You should make sure that you are skipping first step and start talking with your “PLACE”. Because it looks awkward when he speaks your name and you immediately replying with your name. He has already addressed your name and not expecting to listen your name again. If you skipping NAME and start with your PLACE, then it looks very natural and artificial communication with interviewer.
  3. You should be clam and confident in your interview. Interviewer always looking for the confident people to work in there organization.
  4. Don’t try to answer questions in a hurry. Take appropriate pause between the sentences.
  5. In your resume don’t add too much stuff which are not necessary. Interviewer is not at all interested in extra stuffs in your resume and he may gets confused when going through your resume.


So here are the sample consolidated phrases that your can talked in your interview for replying “Tell Me Something About Yourself?” question:

  1. My name is Anushree Kulkarni,
  2. I belongs to Pune.
  3. I am graduate in Electronics & Telecommunication engineering from Pune university.
  4. I am carrying 3.5 years of experience in Software Testing Industry. Currently I am working in Xyz Pvt. Ltd. as Sr. QA Engineer.
    Since last 2 years I am working in the Xyz Pvt. Ltd.
    Prior working with xyz company I worked with Abc Pvt. Ltd. for 1.5 years as QA Engineer
  5. If I talk about my family, In my family there are five members My father, mother, wife, Me and my little daughter.
  6. I have couple of hobbies, I am fond of reading books, listening classical music.
    That’s all about myself..


Over To You:

In today’s article we covered most commonly asked Software Testing Interview Question i.e. “Tell Me Something About Yourself?” In next article we will see “Are You Prepared inf Interview – Interview Preparation Checklist”.

If you enjoy reading this article please make sure to share it with your friends. Please leave your questions/tips/suggestions in the comment section below and I’ll try to answer as many as I can.

Happy Testing!!!


5 comments to Software Testing Interview Question – Tell Me Something About Yourself?

  • Pravin

    Very nice article, Thanks.

  • Haron

    Telling about family background or hobbies in a formal job interview is totally irrelevant in north american culture. Rather, most interviewers expect candidate should focus strongly on his or her previous experiences and skill-set that is relevant to the applied position and candidate can bring real value to the organization through his or her experiences and skills. Anyway, it may not be unusual in south Asian culture.

  • Shreya

    I do have around 4+ years of experience and I heard almost all questions covered in the article in my interviews. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful list of questions.

    Keep posting such a valuable information for testing fresher’s.

  • stuti singh

    please post some questions that are useful for a Technical Support Interview for experienced person.


    This was a question asked at an interview recently and I failed to answer it correctly – I think! As I did not get the job.
    ‘Your project manager asks you for an urgent test estimate for new functionality –
    I asked for the priorities –
    he said 5 High, 3 Medium and 1 low
    I asked if I had previous exposure to the system in question – he said yes.
    Please advise – What the correct approach would have been to answer this question.

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