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Difference between System testing and Acceptance Testing

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The software testing life cycle (SDLC) has various stages. The System testing and Acceptance testing comes in the application testing phase. The System testing comprises of system testing (ST) and system integration testing (SIT). The application is first system tested and then acceptance testing is performed before the beta and alpha release of the software.


What is System testing/System Integration testing?

System testing of the application is done on complete application software to

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User Acceptance Testing: What? Why? & How?

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In previous article we discussed on What/Why/How System testing can be performed. As we know before starting the System testing the whole Integration Testing should be completed. But what next if the System Testing is completed. Yes you are correct “User Acceptance Testing” should get started after this. In this article I am writing about about What/Why/How User Acceptance testing is done in actual testing.

What is User Acceptance Testing?

User Acceptance testing is

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