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Exercise3: Add Steps to the BookFlight Action Using the Step Generator – UFT/QTP Training Tutorial 10.2

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In the previous exercise we have seen that How to add step to the FlightFinder action and SelectFlight action using Flight finder page and Select Flight page of the Mercury tours web site.

In this exercise, you will add steps to the BookFlight action by copying and pasting content into the Editor. This is also the way to add step into action. But, this copy and paste do not include value. The value can

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Add steps on Login action in keyboard View - UFT/QTP Training Tutorial 10

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In previous article we have learned about “Overview of UFT Functions and Function Libraries“. Today Let‘s know how to use Keyboard view to work on Login Action in UFT.

Keyboard view represents each action in a step performs by UFT on a particular application.

In this exercise, we will make a flight reservation from New York to San Francisco on the Mercury Tours Web site and will add and show actions performed during this

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