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In the SQL server, the SQL DELETE & UPDATE keywords are more frequently used after SQL SELECT keyword.

What is the UPDATE keyword?

The UPDATE command is used to modify the records in the table. Upon executing this command the record values are modified based on values passed in the query. Along with WHERE clause you can update the specific records from the table.


SQL UPDATE Syntax: Let’s see the basic syntax of

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What is “Difference between TRUNCATE and DELETE statement in SQL Server” is most common question asked in the interview. I have observed that the answer of this question is varies based on experience and understanding of the SQL server. So in this article I am explaining the significant difference between Delete vs Truncate.


(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); TRUNCATE DELETE TRUNCATE is a DDL command DELETE is a DML command TRUNCATE

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SQL Order by clause

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When we execute the data using SQL SELECT statement then data is sorted as default order in search result. It means data in the search result is displayed as added in the database table. In this article we are concentrating on simple ways to sort the data differently using Order by clause & how we sort the data on multiple columns using single query. Also we are covering how to sort the data for

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SQL Where Clause

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In the previous article we have seen about how to write effective SELECT statement to get data from database.

The SQL WHERE clause is powerful & one of the most commonly used clause use in day to day life. Basically It allows you to filter out the result set and your get limited data based on condition. The WHERE clause can be used alongwith the SQL SELECT statement, SQL INSERT statement,, SQL UPDATE statement,

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(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); SQL SELECT Statement

The SELECT Query the basic query is used to retrieve the selected data from database. This is very powerful and largely used command. The result of the select query is stored in result table which is also called as result-set

It’s part of the data manipulation language that is responsible for query the data from the database.

SQL SELECT statement syntax

It is the most frequently used SQL command and has

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