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Object Repository Exercise 2: Learn and Save Multiple Object Repositories - UFT/QTP Training Tutorial 8.2

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In UFT/QTP Training series last article “Object Repository Exercise 1” we presented that how to create a shared object repository for the Welcome page of the Mercury Tours Web site.

In Object Repository Exercise 2, you will get to know how to create a shared object repository for each of the remaining pages in the site. Here, UFT will learn all of the objects on each page, it is not require for you to

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Object Repository Exercise 1: Learn and Save Objects of a web application - UFT/QTP Training Tutorial 8.1

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Here, we will take help of the UFT “Navigate and Learn” option to add objects from the Mercury Tours Web site to a shared object repository, and also we will learn that how we can associate the object repository with a test.


Let us create an object repository for Login action, to understand it better.

First, Start UFT to open the Mercury Tours test file, created earlier.Make sure, only the Web Add-in is

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