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Tutorial 4: Example on Data driven Testing using TestComplete

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In the previous article, we learn about Data-Driven Testing Procedure And Its Implementation Using TestComplete. In today’s class, we will learn about Data-driven testing using TestComplete.

Many software applications irrespective of the web or mobile app require being tested functionally based on the input data. Such type of functional testing where we run automated tests in order to simulate user actions on an application (web or mobile) with variable input data is known as

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Difference Between Static Testing And Dynamic Testing

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Static testing and dynamic testing are important testing methods available for developers and testers in Software Development lifecycle. These are software testing techniques which the organisation must choose carefully which to implement on the software application. In order to get the most out of each type of testing, and choose the right tools for a given situation, it’s crucial to understand the benefits and limitations of each type of testing.

What is Static Testing?

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Risk Based Testing – Statistical Model And Testing Approach

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One of the main reasons behind poor software delivery is lack of time in delivering the product, which results in lesser time in software testing and impacts software quality. Risk based testing can help in identifying which scenarios are business critical and allocates more time to such scenarios. Risk based testing is based on test prioritization.

Risk based testing approach:

Risk Analysis need to be done initially which helps to take control over

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Difference between Acceptance Criteria Vs Acceptance Tests

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Acceptance Criteria are conditions which a software application should satisfy to be accepted by a user or customer. It mentions the defined standards of a software product must meet. These are a set of rules which cover the system behavior and from which we can make acceptance scenarios.

Acceptance Criteria is a set of statements which mentions the result that is pass or fail for both functional and non-functional requirements

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