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Definitive Guide To Writing Good Agile User Stories

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User stories describe the actual customer requirements which are nothing but the functional requirements for developing a software product. How good you write a story is directly proportional to the efficient requirement gathering for building a product which ultimately reveals the quality of the product. In this article, we are going to discuss on how to write good agile user stories and what should and should not be included as a part of user

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Simple Guide To Create Load Testing Using SoapUI

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In the last tutorial, we have learnt about the assertions and their use in functional testing using SoapUI tool. Under the TestSuite and into the TestCase, we may further add the load test and check the performance of the test case under load condition. In this tutorial we are going to learn how we can create and add test cases for load testing and how to infer its result. But before that let’s understand

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Create Your First SoapUI Project - Step By Step Guide

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In the last tutorial we learnt about “Installation and Configuration of Soap UI – Complete Guide”, now let’s use this tool to build our first Soap UI Project. We are going to learn the following in this tutorial.

Creating our first SoapUI Project. Adding a WSDL file for SOAP Web Service. SoapUI’s interface acquaintance. Assertions.

But first run the project given in the last tutorial to generate the WSDL file at below link


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