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SQL Sub-Queries

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); What are Sub queries?

SQL Sub queries are the queries which are embedded inside another query. The embedded queries are called as INNER query & container query is called as OUTER query.

The subqueries are the queries which are executed inside of another query. The result SQL query is totally depends on the result of sub query. First the INNER query gets executed & the result of INNER query is passed as input to

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In the SQL server, the SQL DELETE & UPDATE keywords are more frequently used after SQL SELECT keyword.

What is the UPDATE keyword?

The UPDATE command is used to modify the records in the table. Upon executing this command the record values are modified based on values passed in the query. Along with WHERE clause you can update the specific records from the table.


SQL UPDATE Syntax: Let’s see the basic syntax of

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In today’s article we will learn SQL INSERT INTO command & how to insert into data from one table to other table. Along with that we will also cover different ways to Insert Data into Specified Columns Only.


The primary objective of database systems is basically used to store the data in to database & recall the same state of data from database whenever required. The data is handled

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