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What is Reliability Testing?

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Reliability testing is one of the key to better software quality. In today’s class let’s first look at the definition of reliability testing according to the ANSI standards and then understand how and why it is performed.

According to ANSI, Software Reliability is defined as:

“The probability of failure-free software operation for a specified period of time in a specified environment. Software Reliability is not a direct function of time. Electronic and mechanical parts

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What is Scalability Testing?

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Scalability testing is the part of non-functional testing where a software application’s performance is tested in terms of its non-functional capability to scale up or scale down the user request load or other such performance attributes.

When any application undergoes performance testing, some of the Scalability Testing attributes are defined below:

Response time: It is the measure of the time taken by a web application to respond to a user request. It is the

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What is Recovery Testing?

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A good medicine pharmacy is the one which helps patient to recover soon from illness, similarly a good software application is the one which recovers in no time from crashes, hardware failures or other such type of failures. Recovery testing is a part of Non-Functional Testing which tests how soon the application recovers when it is crashed or if hardware gets failed. It is categorized under performance testing and sometimes also carried out with

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Functional Testing Vs Non-Functional Testing

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In previous articles we have seen separate articles for Functional Testing & Non-Functional testing. But in today’s article we will see the actual difference between Functional Testing Vs Non-Functional Testing.

What is Functional Testing?

Functional Testing is the type of testing done against the business requirements of application. It is a black box type of testing.

It involves the complete integration system to evaluate the system’s compliance with its specified requirements. Based on the

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