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JIRA Agile Tutorials in Managing Agile Projects - Tutorial 11

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In today’s article, I am going to share some thoughts on how you should manage the Agile projects.

Adding a Column to a Board:

There are two kinds of workflows known as simplified workflow and JIRA workflow. Simplified workflow is used if a board represents a single project whereas the JIRA workflow is used if a board represents multiple projects to control the transitioning of issues from one status to another status.

If you

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Planning a version in JIRA

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In an agile methodology, we deliver the project components and their fixes into several iterations and each such iteration has number of issues or task associated with it. Each iteration when released to the production is given a particular release name known as version and such release is often called as Project release version 1.0 and so on. In JIRA we can associate number of issues with a version and such issues after completed,

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A Better Approach to Usability Testing

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Software industry has been got good edge in the market. At the same time user also rationalized for getting the quality outcome from software industries. Hence testing activity is more important for user point of view. To overcome this problem the system usability testing is performed.

After completion of software modules, testers are ready for system testing. To accomplish system testing the first and most important is Usability testing.

Usability testing is the type

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