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How To Access Links & Tables Using Selenium Webdriver?

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We received many request to post articles on Selenium WebDriver and automation framework, so we resumed our Selenium automation testing tutorials from basic to advanced.   In this tutorial, we are going to learn about accessing HTML hyperlinks and tables using Selenium WebDriver API.

Accessing Links using Selenium Webdriver:

Hyperlink on a web page has text. Using the text content of the link and based on partial or exact match, the Webdriver API can

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How to create Selenium WebDriver Test using Selenium IDE? - Selenium Tutorial

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Today we are going to see how we can record the test case using Selenium IDE & convert recorded script to Java WebDriver format & execute the automated test script using Eclipse. To start with you should have Eclipse, Java & Firefox installed on your machine. You can refer this article “How to run your first Selenium WebDriver script” to set up your environment & ready to execute your first selenium testing tool tutorial.

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