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Mobile Testing Tutorial Series - Tutorial 1 Mobile Application Testing Strategy

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Once again, we are announcing new tutorial series on Mobile Testing Tutorial series. You will learn challenges and solutions on Mobile testing, how to define the Testing Strategy for Mobile Application testing, what are the different types of testing perform on mobile devices, overview of Automation testing tools for mobile and many more.

We have created this tutorial series to learn basic and advance concepts of Mobile application Testing. We are going to cover

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JMeter’s Distributed Testing - JMeter Tutorials Series Day 10

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Distributed testing is a testing process, supports multiple systems to implement stress testing. Distributed testing is helpful to test those web sites and web server applications who work with multiple clients simultaneously.

Figure shows the client-server model of Distributes testing,


Master: A JMeter GUI which controls each slave. Slave: A JMeter-server which gets command from the master and sends the request to server under test. Target: The web server gets request from

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Assertions in JMeter - JMeter Tutorials Series Day 7

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In previous article we have seen What all types of Timers supported in JMeter & what is meaning of each timer? However if you adding timer for reason where expected to load some value with the specified time & specified value is getting properly as per mentioned time then timer will work for your test cases. But sometimes due some reason the expected value is not received with specified time frame then your test

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