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Soft Skills To Become A Better Software Tester!!

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Any software tester in the software industry requires two kinds of key skills. They are the technical skills and the soft skills. Being a tester without any technical or required testing skills has no place in the software industry and similarly without possessing the soft skills one cannot grow in the software industry. The technical skills are important to perform basic testing and other related tasks at work. However, the soft skills are equally

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What Qualities Make A Software Tester To A Good Software Tester?

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Happy New Year 2015!!!

When you want to excel in any field then you should be passionate about what you do. If you want to grow in software testing as a carrier then you should read and stay updated with testing updates, engage with your fellow testers, attend testing conference. The capability of great tester is gained over the period of experience however you can grasp the characteristics of good tester by following

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What is Defect Severity - Difference between Severity and Priority?

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Defect Severity determines the defect’s effect on the application. It represents the impact on the business of the client. Defect Severity is totally based on how important functionality is blocked or if that functionality functions incorrectly & accordingly add Defect Severity.

Severity means how severe it is affecting the functionality. It is totally related to the quality standard or devotion to standard. The severity type is defined by the Software

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