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What is Mutation Testing? – Tools, Testing Types And It's Challenges

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Mutation testing is a structural testing approach used to check the efficiency or precision of a testing program. This method helps to check the number of defects in an application under test. It also helps in estimating or boosting the adequacy of test suites.

Why It Is Named As Mutation Testing?

Mutation testing is named so, as mutants (small change in the program) are created and introduced into the program code. This strategy is

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What is Exploratory Testing? - Interesting type of testing

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In today’s Software testing class I am talking on interesting part in the Software Testing i.e. “Exploratory testing”. In this Software testing article I am covering the importance of exploratory testing, Advantages, disadvantages and how to use it on your actual testing. Also key tips on how allow you to start understanding and applying Exploratory Testing in actual testing.

Basic question in testers mind is “what is exploratory testing in software testing?” As name

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