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Netsparker Web Application Security Scanner

Understand SQL Injection Better with the SQL Injection Cheat Sheet

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Today we are going to learn What is SQL injection and cheat sheet to better understand of it.

On the web page when SQL is used to display data, then most of the time it allow user to enter the search criteria. The SQL queries on written in text format and easy to change in the code based on the entered search criteria by user. SQL injection is a technique used to inject malicious

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Security Testing approach for Web Applications

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); What is Security Testing?

Security testing is one of the most important types of software testing that intended to find the vulnerabilities or weakness of the software application. The main objective of security testing is to find the vulnerabilities of system & determine that its data and resources are protected from possible intruder. Security testing allows us to identify the confidential data stays confidential or not.

Now a day’s online transaction are rapidly increasing,

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