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What is Test data - Tips and Tricks to Create Test Data

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Test data is a commonly used term in a tester’s day to day life. While executing test cases, he needs some data to input in order to get the expected output. Sometimes to load the application with data (Load testing) or to check the break point (Stress testing) of the application, huge data is required. This data can be valid or invalid. So in short, Test data is data which

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What is Test data & guidelines to design your Test Data?

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In this article, you will get to know the importance of test data and some guidelines to execute test case using proper test data and test environment setup

What is Test Data? Why is it Important?

In simple word, Test data is the documented data that is basically used to test the software program. Test data is divided into two categories. First is Positive test data which is generally gives to system to generate

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